GF Vip 7, the official decision of Mediaset: reduced program, all the details



Mediaset has made an official decision regarding the future of GF Vip 7: here’s when and why the program will be reduced. This is not the only change that the Biscione has planned: another main speaker will also be “resized”.

During the October 31 episode of GF Vip 7, the public expected to see the long-awaited arrival of the new contestants. Alfonso Signorini explained that we will have to wait a few more days. On Thursday, November 3, there should therefore be the entry of no less than six new competitors, and there should also be an elimination on the televote.

GF Vip 7, the photo from the twelfth episode of the reality show, which will soon be reduced by Mediaset (photo © Mediaset).

Knowing that after October 31, there are only 13 competitors left in the GF house, with the entry of many new competitors, this may be the long-awaited “fresh start”. Indeed, many have complained about a lack of dynamics, as well as numerous downfalls in style from the Vippos. Many wanted tougher measures against bullying.

Why will the GF Vip 7 be reduced? The motivations

Mediaset has announced that the GF Vip 7 will soon be discounted. Il Biscione does not intend to shorten the duration of the reality show: on the contrary, the weekly live appointment with the public will be reduced. Instead of having two episodes a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, Big Brother audiences will only see Alfonso Signorini on Mondays.

Afternoon Five, Mediaset’s lineup is planning a discount, just like GF Vip 7 (Instagram photo).

So what will happen on Thursday? Mediaset’s intention would be to broadcast films. The exact date is still uncertain, and it’s not even known what type of film they would like to include in the schedule. However, it is very likely that, as usual, we would like to give a large place to Christmas themes and the great classics.

A beloved soap opera is back on Canale 5: that’s when

According to official information from Mediaset, the GF Vip 7 will not be reduced until December. In January, the weekly double show would return. It’s not just Italy’s most popular reality show to undergo major changes in December. Barbara D’Urso and her Afternoon Cinque will also see significant changes. Terra Amara, the beloved Turkish soap opera broadcast on Mediaset, will take the place of Afternoon Cinque, which will be rather reduced (photo © Mediaset).

Terra Amara, dopo l’improvviso stop al fine della stagione estiva, tornerà ad essere insertion nella programmazione di Canale 5. Come promesso da Mediaset, voirnno trasmesse nuove puntate dell’amata soap opera turca a dicembre, slab 2:00 p.m. to 4:10 p.m. about. Afternoon Five will then be suspended as usual for the Christmas holidays.

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