GF Vip 7, the emotional breakdown after the live: will she also leave the house? – VIDEO



After the thirteenth episode of GF Vip 7 on October 31, a Vippo had a real nervous breakdown: will she also abandon the most spied house in Italy? Here is the video that shows how she was hiding in tears.

During the thirteenth episode of GF Vip 7, the new Vipponi no longer entered, which was something the audience had been waiting for for some time. It would seem that on November 3, however, there will be new entries. At the moment it seems confirmed that Edoardo Tavassi and Luca Onestini will enter the house, both without the famous brothers.

GF Vip 7, the group photo of the thirteenth episode: after the live broadcast, a Vippo had an emotional breakdown and many believe that she will retire (photo © Mediaset).

According to gossip expert Amedeo Venza, Micol Corvaia, sister of the most famous influencer Clizia Incorvaia, should also enter the GF Vip 7 very soon. ex girlfriend of Edoardo Donnamaria.


While several characters from the entertainment world are flocking through the red door to be able to enter the GF Vip 7, doubts are very strong regarding a competitor, who will most likely leave in the next few hours. Indeed, during the thirteenth episode, Alfonso Signorini broadcast a series of very special videos.

GF Vip 7, a close-up of Carolina Marconi during the thirteenth episode of GF Vip 7. Many tenants complained about her behavior (photo © Mediaset).

The collage of the Vippos’ private conversations made for a grim picture. In fact, it seems that most reality TV contestants, especially women, found Carolina fake and, above all, hypocritical. Marconi’s gaze during the broadcast revealed his emotions. Inexplicably, however, he lashed out at Alfonso Signorini.

‘I feel like I failed’: Will Carolina quit GF Vip 7?

Carolina Marconi did not like being put at the center of a controversy. She preferred that instead of broadcasting a video with comments on her, we talk about her fight against cancer. Besides, she never hid that she entered the GF Vip for this reason. Shortly after the show, he literally had an emotional breakdown. The incredible news from columnist Amedeo Venza: is Carolina Marconi going to abandon the GF Vip 7? (source: Instagram).

Face turned inside the closet, Carolina seemed to want to hide behind the door as she cried. George, however, realized she was crying and immediately ran to comfort her. Marconi, sobbing, explained that she wanted to give another image of herself in this reality show: “I feel like I have failed”.

Here’s Carolina Marconi’s hard blowout with Attilio Romita after about a month at GF Vip 7’s house: Will she leave the house?

To see video of Carolina Marconi comforted by George Ciupilan as she cried, click here.

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