GF Vip 7, one of the most talked about contestants of all time returns home: amazing



One of the most talked about contestants in reality TV history is set to return. Everything changes in the house of GF Vip 7: what will happen next.

Alfonso Signorini is ready to turn the fortunes of Big Brother Vip 7 upside down again. In fact, the presenter is ready to welcome one of the most talked about contestants into the reality show’s house: who he is.

Alfonso Signorini is ready to amaze everyone and calls her back (via WebSource)

A twist is ready to hit GF Vip 7. Indeed, Alfonso Signorini after the Marco Bellavia affair is ready to do anything to turn the page. Reality TV is ready to turn the page in search of new competitors. This way, producers would have chosen to focus on safe used vehicles. According to what leaked in the last episode of Casa Pipol, on Instagram, Dayane Mello would be in full negotiations with Mediaset to return to the Cinecittà house.

The Brazilian model was presented as the protagonist of Big Brother Vip in the fifth edition, the one won by Tommaso Zorzi. Indeed, after a good run, without much controversy, the Brazilian had reached the final by obtaining fourth place. Dayane therefore remained in the game for six months, not leaving the Cinecittà bunker even when his brother died in a car accident. Apparently, in recent days, there has been a phone call between Dayane Mello and Alfonso Signorini. The journalist and presenter therefore wanted the model inside the house at all costs.

GF Vip 7, Dayane Mello is back: twist

A pensive Dayane Mello in a snapshot on social networks (Instagram photo).

At GF Vip, there would therefore be several competitors ready to enter. According to the latest rumors, they could cross the Red Door: the former tronista of Men and Women Teresa Langella, the model Helena Prestes (former flirt of Antonino Spinalbese), the ex-boyfriend of Pamela Prati Max Bertolani, Patrizia De Blanck and Umberto Smaila. While Giovanni Ciacci and Gegia (eliminated), Ginevra Lamborgini (disqualified) and Marco Bellavia and Sara Manfuso (forfeit) have recently left the Cinecittà company.

Although having reached its seventh edition, Big Brother Vip is proving to be a real success. Indeed, each episode is followed by more than two million viewers. Every Monday, he even manages to beat the king of fiction Rai Lino Guanciale, who with his Survivors can’t keep up the challenge. The reality show is set to air until March, when it will then hand over to the famous Island.

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