GF Vip 7, now there are three Vippons who want to leave: emotional depression



The GF Vip 7 continues to be very tormented and now there are even three Vippons threatening to leave the Mediaset reality show house. Here is who they are and their motivations, very different from each other.

Alfonso Signorini had presented this edition of the GF Vip 7, emphasizing that the competitors had been chosen based on their story and the content they could offer. For this reason, some Vippos were not well known to the public. In fact, this year the dynamics and events are really different from other editions.

GF Vip 7, the return home of Marco Bellavia (photo © Mediaset).

Signorini perhaps expected to see greater sensitivity to important and deep issues, having said that he saw a lot in GF Vip 6 that he didn’t like. What viewers are witnessing, in reality, seems to be the manifestation of many interior issues that are often left unresolved by tenants.

GF Vip 7, after the live he wants to leave: who he is

During the October 20 live show, Alfonso Signorini tried to stimulate Daniele Dal Moro. The former tronista has already done television, and that is why the conductor asked him to open up more and be quiet less. While the Vippone was showing difficulties, Sonia Bruganelli also invited him to leave the house if she felt that she had nothing interesting to say.

The second episode of #TGGfVip: Antonino Spinalbese interviews Elenoire Ferruzzi while Amaurys listens with amusement (photo © Mediaset).

What came to light after the live stream, during a blast with Elenoire Ferruzzi, is that Daniele Dal Moro has struggled with various addictions for the past eight years. He quit drinking and taking drugs and tries to have a healthier life even avoiding night clubs. It is also for this reason that it has become very closed over the years.

Giaele De Donà’s “red line”: what he doesn’t want to do

Daniele Dal Moro would therefore seem to have taken the words of Sonia Bruganelli and Alfonso Signorini very badly, who certainly did not want to reduce him to tears. The former tronista isn’t the only one seriously threatening to leave GF Vip 7’s house: even Giaele De Donà is very careful not to cross his ‘red line’. The second episode of #TGGfVip: Giaele De Donà interviews Charlie Gnocchi (photo © Mediaset).

Indeed, the model explained to Charlie Gnocchi that her marriage has very specific rules. Free love is allowed, but without any sentimental implications. She could attach herself to Antonino Spinalbese, and would therefore consider leaving so as not to lose her husband. Amaurys, after a bad fight with Charlie could be expelled.

Here is a very special post from Daniele Dal Moro on Instagram: “Everyone has suffered. Who argues to brag about it, who claims, who justifies himself, and who never talks about it. Because he really suffered”.

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