GF Vip 7, near accident during the test: “Panic and fear” – VIDEO



During the rehearsal of GF Vip 7 on Halloween, the accident was mentioned. This is what the images of the infrared cameras and the story of the two protagonists reveal in the moments that immediately follow.

The choice to have half of the tenants with a more mature age certainly leads to having a GF Vip different from the previous ones. Much of the audience complains that the show is too boring, and the few dynamics are created by the reality show contestants who are younger.

GF Vip 7, the Halloween party (photo © Mediaset).

Viewers would seem to be clamoring for new entries, and it looks like the writers of GF Vip 7 have listened. Nothing specific is yet known, but it would seem that one of the most likely entries is Edoardo Tavassi, who has just come out of L’Isola dei Famosi. She would also be called Sara Altobello and Oriana Gonzalez.


All of the likely new reality TV entries are young, despite the Vippons being disqualified or eliminated in the televote. For the moment, this year’s cast seems to lack liveliness. During the Halloween party, in fact, most of the tenants did not even get up to dance with the others.

GF Vip 7, Antonino and Gialele seem to have become a “couple” (photo © Mediaset).

Alberto De Pisis was tasked with announcing what ordeal the inhabitants of the house would have to overcome. Big Brother would have called them as a couple in the room of the dolls, where they were supposed to find the golden spider. The first two Vippone called were Antonella Fiordelisi and Giaele De Donà.


Antonella and Giale rushed in their Halloween costumes into the rehearsal room. They crawled into a dark room, which onlookers could still see through the infrared camera. The two Vippona walked on all fours, unraveling among numerous cobwebs, without being able to combine anything. GF Vip 7, the dances during the Halloween party (photo © Mediaset).

Subsequently, in fact, we will see that Antonino Spinalbese will be able to find the golden spider. By tearing off the cobwebs to get out of it, the accident for Giaele De Donà nevertheless came close: as the competitor of GF Vip 7 told us, leaving the room she risked losing one of her bracelets, worth around 20,000 euros. .

By scrolling through the videos below, you can see what happened when Antonella and Giaele visited the doll room and the accident mentioned during the GF Vip 7 test:

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