GF Vip 7, Mediaset changes its mind again: postpone everything



New change of program in sight for the GF Vip 7. Indeed Mediaset has redesigned it and in the end everything postpones: the great novelty.

There are a lot of new things for the millions of viewers who diligently follow Big Brother Vip 7. In fact, in the end everything will be postponed thanks to an overhaul of Mediaset: what happens in these hours.

The big news that excites all fans (via Mediaset)

All GF Vip 7 viewers can now rejoice. In fact, the reality show is expanding even further than expected. The TV Blog portal was responsible for launching the sensational indiscretion. Indeed, according to the specialized site, all the rumors launched by Dagospia have been denied, according to which the transmission was to end on March 27.

Indeed, according to Télé Blog, the precise date would be another, with the reality show which should end on April 3. It is therefore a new extension of little importance compared to what was planned. Barely a week, therefore, that the show of Alfonso Signorini will “steal” those who will come immediately after. Indeed Canale 5 should go from reality to reality, with Big Brother Vip which will immediately hand over to the Ile des Célèbres.

GF Vip 7, reality TV will end on April 3: all the progress

Alfonso Signorini performing the program (via web source)

In theory, the first week of April should be devoted to Isola dei Famosi, which will once again be led by Ilary Blasi. Among other things, the presenter will return to Mediaset to lead a show for the first time after the official end of her affair with Francesco Totti. Indeed, it is said that the Roman changed her mind at the last minute, convinced to lead the program by her friend and colleague Silvia Toffanin.

The extension of Big Brother Vip, in any case, does not surprise that much. For three seasons now, viewers have been used to seeing the program extended to the sixth month of broadcast. In addition, reality TV has seen the entry of six new contestants in recent weeks: Luca Onestini, Edoardo Tavassi, Luciano Punzo, Oriana Marzoli, Micol Incorvaia and Sarah Altobello. However, their entry not only created new balances in the house, but also created an epidemic of Covid, which interrupted transmission.

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