GF Vip 7, it’s decided: he has to leave the house



Will the red door be reopened tonight? Now there seems to be GF Vip decision 7: get out of the house

It’s now been a month since the gieffini joined the game and slowly they’ve been kicked out of the house one by one as expected for one reason or another. Who will it be this time?


As usual, on Thursday’s episode, the Vpponi were called for nominations and the public is asked to vote for their favorite, not the one they’d like outside the house. Among them are Eduardo Donnamaria, Giaele De Donà, Attilio Romita, Carolina Marconi and Amaurys Perez: some more, some less, are all those who have had a say in the reality show from the entrance through the red door that happened more or less simultaneously.

However, the game is also this: there is only one winner and, bet after bet, they are killed one by one. So far it’s Ginevra Lamborghini’s turn by disqualification, Giovanni Ciacci with a lightning televote, Marco Bellavia and Sara Manfuso withdrawn, Gegia and Cristina Quaranta. Who will be the next one ?

GF Vip 7, the polls speak for themselves: Amaurys out of reality?


The survey conducted by grandefratello.forumfree.it was followed by 1,084 people who expressed their preference for the question “Who do you want to save?” which showed a pretty overwhelming result. It is clear that this is only a poll and that Alfonso Signorini did not speak about direct elimination, but this graph gives a general idea of ​​what the public opinion of the Vippos thinks of the home interior.

In this round, Eduardo Donnamaria is the favorite with 30.17% of the votes, shortly after there is Giaele De Donà with 26.85% of the preferences. Further down, with around 9% fewer votes, we find Attilio Romita who won the preference of 17.80% of voters. With little detachment, there is Carolina Marconi with 16.42% of the vote and firm Amaurys Perez who collects an obviously negligible sum of votes which scores 8.76%. According to this investigation, it could be the Italian-Cuban water polo player who left the home of GF Vip 7.

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