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GF Vip 7, gieffina unmasks the perpetrators: “In the confessional we told him that…”



Yet another very fierce twist in the most spied on house in Italy where a gieffina has unearthed another unexpected detail about the perpetrators… And viewers – at this time – are increasingly shocked!

It seems that a gieffina has once again brought to light a detail that no one expected inherent in the production of the father of all reality TV shows. And now the consternation of Signorini and the whole audience is really great…

the twists continue at Gf Vip 7

In the last two episodes of the GF Vip in the studio, Sara Manfuso was absent among the former gieffini who were eliminated, disqualified or who retired. The columnist – indeed – had a heated discussion with Alfonso Signorini, at the end of which she was asked to leave. Almost all the Vippons noticed the absence of women, but only one more or less understood what could have happened and wanted it – so to speak – to “shout from the rooftops”. But who is it?

Absent from the studio, the beautiful Sara

Elenoire Ferruzzi explained to her roommates that the authors of the GF Vip had told Sara that, despite her withdrawal from the game, she could still be present in all episodes of the reality show. The Milanese interpreter therefore deduced that something decidedly unexpected and very strong had happened, so much so that Sara’s plans changed – in no time – and/or prevented her from being present in the studio that – we repeat – she noticed, and how!

Manfuso’s confession that shocked everyone

“You’ve never been framed?” No, it just wasn’t in the studio. Since he came out, he has never been in episodes. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that pensioners aren’t housed in the episode. Trust me…” Elenoire started her speech and then she also wanted to make a confession that caught everyone off guard!

Here are his words: “Ok I tell you. Sara made a confession to me about what they told her. Yes, in the confessional, it had been explained to her that she would go anyway. They had promised her that she could be among the old gieffins. It is therefore clear that something strange must have happened there. A strong thing and that she therefore no longer called herself ”. And apparently she would have – as they say – just “got” us!

GF Vip 7 Sara Manfuso without brakes in the studio of Verissimo

Guest of Silvia Toffanin at Verissimo, Sara Manfuso spoke about the catfight with Signorini. Here are his words: “I never said that Ciacci touched me maliciously. But everyone’s discomfort manifests itself in a different way and is not always readable in the same way. I just wanted to explain to Alfonso Signorini my discomfort and the chasms I have inside. But I didn’t have time to do it. … “. Shortly after, the woman added: “It’s because she kicked me out before me. And it all happened on social media. I read very bad things about what happened…”.

And at the end, he left a message that greatly impressed viewers of the well-known Canale 5 gravure: “They told me that I was exploiting such a sensitive subject. I’ve been working hard for years and fighting on this file and I would never play this.”

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