GF Vip 7, furious argument in the house: tension between competitors



A furious argument broke out inside the house of GF Vip 7. There is a great tension between the competitors in the race: what happened.

The twists and turns inside Big Brother Vip’s house never end. In recent hours, a furious quarrel has also broken out between the competitors of this seventh edition: what tension at Cinecittà.

Tension rises inside the Big Brother house (via screenshot)

The twists do not stop in this edition of GF Vip 7. As soon as he entered the house, Edoardo Tavassi immediately became one of the great protagonists. This time, however, Guendalina’s brother wasn’t involved in any jokes or pranks. In fact, the Roman videographer had a heated argument with Oriana Marzoli. It all started with a clash with influencer Micol Incorvaia, according to which Oriana was not interested in a friendship with Antonella Fiordelisi and would do everything possible to quarrel in the Cinecittà bunker.

Indeed, according to Edoardo Tavassi, Oriana would not appreciate a peace between Micol and Antonella. But not only that, in fact, Edo also said that Fiordelisi is next to her solely and exclusively because of her two million Instagram followers. The 37-year-old would therefore have criticized the South American for being very smart and aware of the dynamics of the game. Edoardo then thundered: “You had four men. You did that (point finger, editor’s note)… Who has abs? He”. La Marzoli was therefore keen to respond briefly, revealing that she could afford such behavior.

GF Vip 7, dispute between Edoardo Tavassi and Oriana Marzoli: Guendalina goes wild

The candidate during one of the episodes (photo © Mediaset).

Edoardo Tavassi then went wild on hearing Oriana Marzoli’s response. The 37-year-old then thundered: “I prefer to be ugly and smart, honey. I’d rather be ugly, obnoxious and smart than you” – the man then broke down, adding – “To expose yourself you have to get engaged to a man here or else who is fucking with you. Either you get engaged or we don’t talk about you here”. Oriana’s response was obviously not long in coming, with the influencer who this time mentioned Gwendolyn.

In fact, Marzoli retorted, “Listen to yourself when you talk. Here, your sister has come to explain to you how to behave with women. So don’t tell me you don’t talk about it, it’s the only thing you talk about”. So Edoardo decided to leave the kitchen. However, a response to these words from Marzoli came from Guendalina. ‘Edoardo then called Oriana a hateful, mean and superficial person. In short, real sparks during the last episode of the reality show, which also cringes this year.

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