GF Vip 7, direct elimination: tonight he will leave the house



Tonight a new episode of GF Vip 7 will air which will see a knockout after Monday’s nominations

The Canale 5 reality show is moving at full speed and episode after episode, the game thickens. There will only be one winner. Who will be? In the meantime, there are already those who will have to leave the house and join the others in the studio.


As usual, on Monday’s episode, the Vpponi were called for nominations and the audience is asked to vote for their favorite, not the one they’d like outside the house. Among them are Giaele De Donà, Amaurys Perez, George Ciupilan and Pamela Prati who more, some less, are all those who have had a say in the reality show from the entrance through the red door which happened more or less at the same time.

However, the game is also this: there is only one winner and, bet after bet, they are killed one by one. So far it’s Ginevra Lamborghini’s turn by disqualification, Giovanni Ciacci with a lightning televote, Marco Bellavia and Sara Manfuso withdrawn, Gegia and Cristina Quaranta. Who will be the next one ?

GF Vip 7 the public decided who to get rid of the house


The survey conducted by grandefratello.forumfree.it was followed by 1,084 people who expressed their preference for the question “Who do you want to save?” which showed a pretty overwhelming result. It is clear that this is only a poll and not the official data available to Alfonso Signorini who spoke of direct elimination on Thursday. This graph gives a general idea of ​​what the public opinion is of the Vippons inside the house.

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