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No one had noticed: it was Antonino Spinalbese himself who revealed after the October 20 live that he had given a very special gift to a Vippo. Belen’s ex has come out? Here’s how things look.

Immediately after the live broadcast of GF Vip 7 on October 20, a very ugly feud between Charlie Gnocchi and Amaurys took place. Initially it was difficult to understand what was really going on, as the director obscured the footage and framed an owl outside the house and garden for about ten minutes.

GF Vip 7, an image from the October 20 live broadcast: just after Antonino Spinalbese revealed that he had given a very special gift to a Vippo (photo © Mediaset).

Subsequently, Charlie Gnocchi’s explosion with Luca Salatino and Antonino Spinalbese made it clear what would be the fuse that blew Amaurys. Gene Gnocchi’s brother would have told everyone not to talk about Marco Bellavia anymore. He also confessed that he was afraid that Amaurys would beat him.


Amaurys’ version is a little more confusing. Speaking to Nikita Pelizon, the water polo coach reiterated that he is a real person and cannot lie. He also explained that Charlie Gnocchi would have touched something that is close to his heart and on which he has no intention of compromising, also because he is not an actor.

GF Vip 7, an image from the seventh episode: between Antonino Spinalbese and Cristina Quaranta a great harmony had been created, so much so that he wanted to give her a present (photo © Mediaset).

The chaos sparked by Charlie Gnocchi and Amaurys caused an explosive statement by Antonino Spinalbese to go completely unnoticed. Inviting Luca Salatino and Carolina Marconi out into the garden to smoke with him, he explained that he was very happy. The Vippone could indeed make a gift to Cristina Quaranta.


Cristina Quaranta left the house of GF Vip 7 on October 20, following the elimination of televoting. As usual, before leaving reality TV, he wanted to say goodbye to all the tenants. Among these, there was also the ex-boyfriend of Belen Rodriguez, with whom the Quaranta would have bonded a lot since the beginning of reality television. GF Vip 7, Cristina Quaranta leaves the house after being eliminated by televote (photo © Mediaset).

Antonino Spinalbese and Cristina Quaranta indeed exchanged a long hug to say goodbye to him, and he would also have given her a gift. It is not known how he could have had a female ring, but he revealed that he gave it to the former contestant of Non è la Rai. Is there something between the two that goes beyond the feeling of friendship?

Here is the video in which Antonino Spinalbese says he gave Cristina Quaranta a ring:

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