GF Vip, 2 new contestants enter: there is also one of the most beloved women



Lots of new things are coming during this edition of GF Vip. Two new competitors enter the house: there is also one of the most beloved women.

Big Brother Vip 7 continues to grow with competitors. Indeed, in the next episode we will have two new competitors: there is also one of the most beloved women: who is it.

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The upper floors of GF Vip 7 are ready to take shelter after the outbreak of the Covid epidemic in the most spied house in Italy. Indeed, the virus, although temporary, has in any case halved the participation of competitors in the race. However, succulent news arrives from The Pipol TV. The urgency itself pushes Alfonso Signorini and his team of authors to anticipate the entry of three other “Vipponi”. The three new transplants should begin their adventure inside the Christmas holiday rhyme house.

The first name in the running is that of Manuela Villa, born in Rome in 1966 and second daughter of the unforgettable Claudio Villa. Like his father, he embarked on a career as a musician, studying voice and piano from the age of five. The debut in the world of entertainment came after some experiences outside Italy. Moreover, for Manuela, this is not the first time in a reality show. In fact, she will be remembered by many for participating in the Isola dei Famosi in 2007.

GF Vip 7, not just Manuela Villa: who will enter the house with her

Who will enter the Big Brother house (Via Screenshot)

Besides Manuela Villa, Milena Miconi is also expected to enter the Big Brother house. Born in 1971, like the future roommate, she was born in Rome and is a well-known face in the television and film scene. Between the 80s and the beginning of the 2000s, he participated in various television shows, dramas and films, holding small roles. For several seasons she was one of the actresses of the hit television series Don Matteo.

In fact, within the fiction, she played the role of Laura Respighi, the brilliant and icy mayor of Gubbio. The GF Vip’s courtship towards him is not a matter of the past few weeks. The reality TV production had already optioned it last season, to do without it. Alongside Milena Miconi and Manuela Villa, a male face should then enter, called to break the balance of the house. At the moment, however, there is no indiscretion on the contestant to participate in the reality show.

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