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Getting Started Guide for Selenium Java Testing



Selenium Java Testing

Selenium is one of the most well-known names in the automation testing world. This is because this test automation suite has managed to maintain one of the top positions in this market for over ten years. In the present app development market, developers are starting to understand the value of organized automation test cases for maintaining the quality of the application. The integration of Selenium with Java testing can help the developers to improve the quality of the final application massively. 

However, while executing these test cases, there are various parameters that developers must keep in mind to avoid any unwanted surprises in the application development life cycle. Various integrations can help the developers to improve the quality of the application testing life cycle. 

With this article, we will spread general awareness about various factors that developers must keep in mind while executing Selenium Java testing. In simple terms, this article will be a detailed guide about all the factors that can help developers to execute these test cases efficiently. Finally, we’ll wrap up our discussion by understanding the role of various platforms and tools in these test cases. 

Understanding The Concept of Automation Testing and Selenium 

In simple terms, we can define automation testing as an efficient week of removing human involvement in the application testing process. Instead, the system will use a text file containing all the integral parameters and required data to help it interact with the application like a typical user. Based on these interactions, the system will generate a test report showing the user interactivity, simplicity, and stability of the application. 

The app developers and testers can later analyze this report to understand whether the application is ready to be released to the open world. From a developer’s point of view, it is also possible to make critical changes in the test suite to make the results customized according to the application’s requirements undergoing the development process. 

The application testers can also efficiently store, maintain and reuse huge sections of the automation test data in future app projects. Automation testing conducts repetitive test cases,

and the developers can focus on creating new features that can improve the quality of the application. However, a massive drawback of test automation is that it comes with a huge investment. This investment will cover all the requirements to integrate various plugins, tools, and libraries that are critical for initiating and executing proper automation test cases. We request all the developers to have a clear idea about their business perspectives and possible ventures to understand whether they are ready for the transition. 

We can introduce Selenium as a free-to-use test suite that helps developers to integrate automation test cases on modern web applications. The open-source nature makes all the features of Selenium available to Individual developers and small startups. Since its initial introduction in 2004, Selenium has undergone four major updates to improve its component tools’ usefulness. In this context, every tool present in the Selenium test suit aims at helping the developers at different stages of the application development process. The core framework of Selenium is based on the well-known JavaScript programming language. 

However, the developers can only use the Selenium automation test cases to verify the performance of web applications. While working on other apps like native, cross-platform, and hybrid apps, the developers have to look for an alternative. Now let us take a brief look at the major functions of all the tools present in the Selenium suit: 

Selenium WebDriver is an essential tool as it helps the developers to start the automation test cases and redirect them to the target elements of the modern web app. Many market experts have considered the Selenium WebDriver as an upgraded version of the previously present remote controller. A point to justify this claim is that WebDriver can natively communicate with web apps and execute the test cases on a native environment of a browser. 

● With the help of Selenium Grid, the developers can efficiently conduct the test cases in a parallel configuration. Parallel test configuration allows the execution of multiple test elements on different machines simultaneously. 

● The Selenium client API improves the interactivity of the test case creation process. This is because, with this tool, the developers can create the automation test cases in their preferred programming language and import it into the native environment of Selenium. This tool supports various well-known languages like Python, JavaScript, and Ruby.

● Finally, the Selenium IDE allows the developers to create complex automation test cases in real-time. This means that while using this tool, the developers must use the application like a normal user. Based on the web app interactions, the system will continue to generate test scripts. 

Getting Started with Selenium Java Testing 

To get started with Selenium-based Java testing, the developers must keep certain factors in mind. These factors will not only help to improve the stability of the test execution phase but also help to avoid any unwanted surprises or obstacles. Based on our research and understanding, we have created a list of some of the most important parameters to guide the developers through Selenium Java test cases. They are as follows: 

● The starting step is to download and install the official Java development kit. Since the Selenium test cases will be written in Java, the developers must have JDK on their system. It is also important for the developers to ensure that they are downloading the latest version. It is also possible to download the Java development kit from the official website of Oracle. 

● To efficiently create the Selenium test cases with Java, the developers must have access to an integrated development environment. This is because an IDE will help the developers to run and execute the Selenium test cases more efficiently. Some of the most popular IDEs currently available include Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. 

● After downloading all the requirements for writing and executing the test cases, the developers must create the project file. This project will store all the test files. While creating the project, the developers must ensure to install Selenium Java binding as a dependency in this project. The easiest way to perform this process is to write and execute a test code in the ‘build.gradle’ file. 

● After defining the project, the developers have to start writing their first Test file. For this process, it is advisable to create a new Java class and add a specific set of Selenium test codes. While saving the test file, the developers need to name the test file according to the target elements. This is because it will help the developers to keep track of the test cases, as modern applications consist of thousands of different elements. Naming the test cases according to target elements will also help the developers to maintain an activity log.

● The final step in this process is to run the test cases in the integrated development environment. For this process, the developers have to right-click on the test name and select the run option. Based on the target web browser, the system will run a new browser window and complete the test function. After executing the test case, the system will automatically generate a report showing the usefulness and integrity of the test case. After the report generation process, the developers can move on to the debugging process if any bug or error is present in the core framework of the test code. 

By following all the steps we mentioned above, the developers can create complex Selenium test cases according to the requirements of the application development project. 

Integrating Platforms and Tools with Selenium Automation Testing 

Considering the complexity of multiple elements required for the execution of Selenium-based automation test cases, the developers must consider the prospect of integrating various tools and platforms in their test bench. These platforms also incorporate additional features for improving the quality of the final we can consider the example of cloud platforms that help developers get rid of multiple physical device labs. These labs are used to verify the performance of applications on physical devices; however, while working with cloud platforms, the developers can achieve similar test results by conducting the test cases over cloud servers. Moreover, these servers provide access to specific devices and software unavailable in the market. And with the help of remote servers, the developers can remove the location barriers in the test bench. 

To improve our knowledge about the influence of cloud platforms in the modern test bench, we can bring the context of LambdaTest: 

For a basic understanding, we can introduce LambdaTest as a modern secure cloud-based digital experience testing platform to execute cross-browser test cases on web apps over 3000+ different browsers and OS combinations. The present app market considers cross-browser testing as a new standard of ensuring the best end-user experience for customers. This is because, with the help of elaborate cross-browser test cases, the developers can ensure application stability irrespective of the user’s random shift in an operating system, browser version, or complete hardware specifications.

LambdaTest also offers attractive features like parallel test execution to improve testing efficiency. LambdaTest helps the developers not only work with Selenium test cases but also with other well-known frameworks like Playwright and Cypress. It is worth mentioning that LambdaTest can execute the Selenium test files on more than three thousand modern browsers simultaneously. 

LambdaTest helps improve the accuracy of the test cases by combining hundreds of real devices with existing thousands of simulation software. Moreover, verifying the performance of locally hosted web apps used for a company’s internal operations is also a great option. 


With this article, we aimed to spread general awareness about the conduction of Selenium Java testing. We understand the requirement of having detailed knowledge about automation testing practices as it will become one of the dominant trends in the future app development market. In this regard, we recommend the developers keep their knowledge updated about all the new additions and trends in this market. 

The app development companies can also conduct seminars and campaigns to distribute the knowledge and materials required for executing automation test cases. Lastly, the developers need to understand the role of various platforms and tools to properly analyze the capabilities of an automation test bench. It is also essential for app development companies to have a clear idea about the requirements of their target audience.

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