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Have you ever struggled with booking airline tickets? Finding tickets can take time, especially if trying to find the cheapest flights for yourself and your family. Fortunately, now with flytoday, you can discover cheap flights and, by comparing the prices even book the cheapest ones online.

Flytoday is a trusted and well-known platform that covers all of the airlines in Iran and with which you can find the best flight for yourself. However, its services are not limited to only finding flight tickets; it has many more customer advantages. Therefore, we will discuss the details about flytoday services in the following article.


Flytoday is one of the most reliable platforms that provides access to over 900 airline tickets around the world for its users. You do not need to do anything completed in order to book a flight through flytoday, only a simple search on the Web or application.

Therefore, you can reserve a ticket or more from anywhere without using Master Card since this platform supports payment in Rial. However, flytoday is not just about buying flight tickets online; it covers a variety of services which we will mention next.


Flights: In flytoday, you can easily access cheap flight tickets from Tehran or other cities to anywhere. Also, all types of tickets, including multi-city, one-way, and return tickets, are available on this user-friendly platform. In addition, with the help of this platform, you can find even cheaper tickets than usual, which are the last-minute ones.

Trains: Not everyone chooses to fly to their destination; many prefer landways, including trains. So many Iranians need to buy train tickets occasionally or regularly since they travel more than others. This is why flytoday will be the best assistant for them. Train tickets are one of the latest flytoday’s services. It helps people to reserve a train ticket in just a minute or two with the lowest price. In addition, one-way and return tickets are available for those who need to be on a schedule.

Hotels: Whether you are going on a vacation with your family or you are on a business trip, you have to make sure that the best hotel room is ready for you once you get to your destination. Booking a hotel without considering some important factors, such as its services, is not the best decision. On the contrary, booking a hotel through flytoday, which covers more than 450 thousand hotels on the app, is a more reliable decision since you can learn more about the hotel’s details on this platform.

Guiding users: Have you ever wanted to travel just to clear your mind and take some time off from work but did not know where to go? Flytoday will help you with this situation. With the new service “When Where,” you can easily choose your destination and get the best results on where and when you can go. So discovering and visiting new places for a trip will be much easier.

It is worth mentioning that to use any of the services above, downloading the flytoday platform or using its website is all you have to do.

Reasons to Choose FlyToday

There may be some other platforms or websites that cover the same services, including tickets for flights and trains, but some notable factors make the flytoday platform different. Here are some reasons to choose flytoday:

Cheap flights: As mentioned earlier, flytoday has covered more than 900 airlines, which means access to a variety of flight tickets. So users can easily find the most suitable and cheapest tickets for themselves and their families. Additionally, with some particular services, such as last-minute booking, they can find even cheaper tickets.

Comparing prices: Since flytoday has covered a variety of airlines, hotels, and train tickets, it is easier to compare prices. All you have to do is going to the related category on the app or web, or simply search for the service. Then look for the best and cheapest available option.

Fast and easy reservation: Finding a reliable hotel or a good flight can take time especially if its your first time visiting that destination. But with flytoday you have access to a variety of options, which you can compare and choose the best of them. The platform is very easy to work with, so you can do all of these in no time. Therefore, you will not need to visit the agencies in person since you can make the reservation online through flytoday.

Safe payment: Online payments are not usually safe and risk leaking your bank account, but with flytoday, you can pay through some of the most secure and reliable servers, which means your information will be safe, and there is no need to worry. Besides that, you can pay in Rial through any bank account. So there will be no need to open another account.

Traveler insurance: In case of anything bad happens, having insurance is essential when traveling abroad or even inside the country. Therefore, traveler insurance is one of the best services of flytoday among all of its services. This service helps you find a cheap but suitable insurance for yourself and your family.

Support team: If you have any questions or need help with the flytoday platform while booking a hotel or buying a ticket, a team of professionals will guide you through it. You have to contact them, and they will answer you as quickly as possible.

In conclusion, if you plan to travel or go on a trip with your family, flytoday is all you need. Its unique and amazing services will help you to save on the budget, and its support team will be with you in case of any problem with the app, payment, or anything at all. Additionally, if you have any questions, contact the support team; they will guide you through in no time.

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