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Gerry Scotti without peace, continuing like this is difficult: we know it now



Gerry Scotti without peace, to continue like this is difficult: we know it now. Despite the party, the period remains complicated

Now we know it well. Gerry Scotti in the last 4 months of the year became the host of the Préserale de Canale 5 with his game shows and in particular with Chute libre. A successful program, as evidenced by the recent celebration of the 1000 episodes reached. But a relative success, the data confirmed.

Gerry Scotti without peace, carrying on like this is difficult (ANSA)

That of the TV audiences relating to October 10 speaks for itself and has just arrived. Once again the Preseral is dominated by Reaction in chain on Rai 1 with 4,660,000 spectators, for a share of 27.74%. On Canale 5, on the other hand, Caduta Libera recorded 2,955,000 spectators in the main part, or 18.45%. On Rai 2 Italy – Brazil, women’s football stopped at 524,000 (3.32%) while Tempesta d’amore on Rete 4 totaled 872,000 viewers, 4.37% share and on La7 Lingo – Word at Gioco 177,000, 1.10%.

In Access Prima Time, Soliti ignoti – Le retour on Rai 1 attracted 4,473,000 viewers (21.13% share) while Striscia la Notizia on Canale 5 attracted 3,621,000 viewers, or 17.14% share. On Rai 3, Il Cavallo e la torre stopped at 1,506,000, 7.20%, and Un posto al sole at 1,578,000, 7.36%. On La7 Otto e mezzo totaled 1,495,000 viewers, share 7.02%,

On Canale 5 Grande Fratello Vip obtained in presentation 3,326,000, 15.73% and in broadcast 2,730,000 viewers, 20.85% share, while on Rai 1 the series Survivors recorded a net of 2,486,000 viewers , for a share of 15.33% (in detail the former 3,017,000, 14.91% and the latter 2,487,000, 15.30). On Rai 2 Tonight, Anything is Possible reached a network of 1,502,000 viewers, a share of 9.63%. On Rai 3, Presa Diretta recorded 1,103,000 viewers in the presentation, 5.33% share and 1,444,000, 7.58% in the program. On Italia 1, the film Peppermint – The Angel of Vengeance recorded a net of 1,417,000 viewers, representing a 7.48% market share. On Rete 4 Quarta Repubblica it was seen by 891,000 viewers, a 6% share, while on Nove Little Big Italy it received 559,000 viewers, a 2.83% share. On La7, the film True Lies attracted 468,000 viewers, representing a share of 2.77%. SuTv8 Gomorrah – The series was seen by 320,000 viewers, 1.55% share and 388,000, 2.16%.

On Rai 1, Tg1 Mattina had a net of 658,000 viewers, a share of 14.31%, while UnoMattina had a net of 813,000, 17.67%; followed by Italian stories 783,000, 17.97%; Delivery of honors to Cavaliere del Lavoro 578,000, 11.20% and È semper mezzogiorno obtained 1,522,000, 15.07%. On Rai 2 I fatti tua recorded 605,000 viewers, share 10.81%, and 885,000, 9.49%, while on Rai 3 Agorà it obtained 320,000, 6.40% in the presentation, 318,000, 6.69% in the program, and in the Extra segment 318,000, 4.74%, while Elisir in the presentation 186,000, 4.34% and in the program 291,000, 5.71%; after Tg3 Quante Storie got 661,000, 5.78% and Past and Present 508,000, 4.02%. On Canale 5, Mattino Cinque News obtained 508,000 viewers, share 20.75% and 886,000, 20.22%, with Forum at 1,483,000, 21.02%. On Italia 1 CSI: NY recorded 191,000 viewers, 3.01% share and on Rete 4 Monk gave the line to Tg4 with 107,000 viewers, 2.12% share and after Tg Il Segreto got 118,000, 1.23% and The Lady in Yellow 549,000, 4.49%. La7 got 208,000 viewers with Omnibus, 4.55% share, 109,000, 3.17% in the News segment and 216,000, 4.43% in the debate; then Pause Café 231,000, 5.28% and The air that shoots 291,000, 5.59% and The air that shoots Today 438,000, 4.36%.
On Rai 1 Today is another day registers in the presentation 1.709.000, 14.39% and in the program 1.654.000, 16.48%, The paradise of the ladies collects 1.765.000, 21.10% and to follow Living life in the presentation 1.621. 000, 19.94% and in the program 2,062,000, 21.25%. On Rai 2 Ore 14 it recorded 559,000 viewers, a share of 4.91%; Bella ma’ in the presentation 254,000, 2.57%, and in the program 205,000, 2.38%. On Rai 3, Aspettando Geo got 504,000, 6.18%, Geo 1,009,000, 10.32%.
On Canale 5 Beautiful recorded 2,531,000 viewers, share 20.19%, Une vie 2,132,000, 18.13% while Men and women 2,416,000, 24.30% and in the Final 1,905,000, 22.32 %, Friends of Maria De Filippi 1,812,000, 21.72%, GF1 Vip 1.0.71%, Another Tomorrow 1,328,000, 16.52%, Afternoon Five in the presentation 1,277,000, 14.69%, in the program 1,508 .000, 15.64% and in the I Saluti segment 1,500,000, 14.07%. On Italia 1, the first episode of The Simpsons recorded 600,000 viewers, 5.01%, while The Mentalist 263,000, 2.87%.
On Rete 4, the antenna of the Forum recorded a net of 761,000 viewers, or 6.83% market share; followed by Tg4 – Journal du jour 299,000, 3.49% and the film Challenge to Poirot a net 197,000, 2.39%. On La7 Tagadà recorded in the presentation 371,000 viewers, share 3.19%, in the program 407,000, 4.37%, and Tagadà Focus 356,000, 4.30%. Father Brown 165,000, 1.95% and 149,000, 1.45%.

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