General Motors Might Make a Midsize Hummer EV Pickup



Photo: General Motors

General Motors could follow up the release of the Hummer EV Pickup and SUV with a fully-electric midsize truck. The U.S. automaker is considering adding a smaller Hummer EV given the runaway success of the revived brand and latest demand for lower-emission cars, according to Bloomberg.

This is an alleged Hummer — or rather, Hummer EV — we’re talking about, so I don’t expect “smaller” to apply in the same way it might to other carmakers. If this rumored midsize Hummer is close in size to the late Hummer H3T, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. An electric H3T could be appealing to both the company and consumers, since both it and the H3 SUV had the biggest portion of sales when the Hummer brand was shuttered in 2010.

Photo: General Motors

We can dream, but given the oversized and heavy 9,000-pound Hummer EV Pickup, a midsize Hummer EV truck could still dwarf what we consider to be traditional midsizers. Bloomberg says the rumored Hummer would compete with the Rivian R1T, which is not quite Colorado- and Canyon-sized, but is nonetheless smaller than the Ford F-150 Lightning and Chevrolet Silverado EV.

Of course, trucks like the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado, or rival Ford Ranger, have grown in size since the Hummer H3T’s heyday. Throw in a big battery for the range buyers demand in the U.S., and a smaller Hummer EV truck could still be burly. But the Hummer wouldn’t be limited to the U.S., and would instead be a viable candidate to get the Hummer EV brand into Europe. Kind of like how the Jeep Wrangler 4Xe became Jeep’s de facto EU Wrangler.

This gives GM some incentive to make a smaller Hummer EV, although it doesn’t really need much of reason based on the current model’s success. GM had to stop taking orders for the Hummer to prevent a backlog: the company has over 90,000 reservations for the big EV, despite its $110,000 price.

So far, the company has delivered only 781 Hummer EVs, meaning a new smaller model is still a few years away — if it gets made at all. The mid-size Hummer EV is just a rumor, but people close to the matter say it has a “good chance of going into production and is seen as a priority project.” Those who commented asked to remain anonymous, and GMC itself declined to comment.

Photo: General Motors

Photo: General Motors

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