Gemma Galgani no longer hides: madly in love with her



The lady of the throne of men and women, invariably present also in the current season, Gemma Galgani no longer intends to hide and declares her great and poignant love … Fans and viewers of the very famous, beloved and – at the same time – even chatted dating on the Channel 5 show, stunned and shocked…

The woman at this moment no longer hides and comes out into the open. Yes, now we know who the woman is madly in love with… Name it!

Gemma Galgani Solocine.it

Gemma Galgani, or rather, we could now say the mythical Gemma Galgani, given that around her name in the long history of Men and Women a real myth has literally been built, constantly appearing as an inconsolable and particularly suffered woman in her decisions in the field of love, so much so that it seems that for her finding love is a rather complicated thing if not almost impossible. However now it seems that this is no longer the case… What happened?

unhappy in love

It must be said that she has become particularly famous and has also distinguished herself by her – already mentioned not long ago – quite painful love decisions, since she has also often frequented men belonging to the male audience of suitors or knights of the program, but it seems that she was never convinced by any of them or vice versa. And even when she thought she had found the right one, he left her!

She fell in love with a “she”

Which, moreover, has often attracted even bad criticism from the fierce columnist Tina Cipollari, who did not fail to point out her difficult tastes, sometimes even ending up in rather heated discussions. However, now Gemma has declared that she is madly in love with “her”. But in what sense? Could she have fallen in love with a woman after the many disappointments from men? What are “things” really like? His fans, more and more numerous, rightly want to know more…

The story of Gemma Galgani where she compliments the artist Solocine.it

Nothing of the sort! In fact it’s a “love” yes but purely from an artistic point of view, since Gemma confessed that she always esteemed the artist Giordana Angi and that she gave him many compliments in a previous edition of ‘Amici Speciali for one of her performances. Among other things, “the whole thing” was also readily picked up in a story by Gemma herself, where the same artist’s performance was loaded into a reel. Accompanied by superimposed writing: “The greatest are never alone… Waiting for the 30th!”, perhaps referring to a particular date…

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