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Gas bills are going crazy: Italians beware, this is what will happen in winter



Gas prices and the costs on our bills will experience sensational and unpredictable ups and downs: the reason for this strange fluctuation

For months, we have been talking insistently about expensive bills, or the spasmodic increase in electricity and gas prices. All this because of inflation and especially the war that broke out for some time in Ukraine and which limited the supply of Russian gas pipelines.

gasGas prices upside down (Picture Pixabay)

But according to some forecasts, it seems that gas prices will fluctuate almost wildly and uncontrollably in the winter. In this sense, the bills are likely to go from very high costs to return to low and acceptable figures for consumers.

Suffice it to say that in recent weeks the price of gas in Europe has fallen by 70% from its peak, with a return to cost levels in June, so before Russia permanently cut off its supplies.

Gas prices up and down: what will happen to Italian bills?

The collapse of gas prices at European level looks like it could breathe a sigh of relief to Italian families and local businesses. But beware: this will only be a temporary drop.

So don’t be surprised if your energy bills appear very expensive one month and the next month again within everyone’s reach. These are the effects of fluctuations in the gas market, which has fortunately returned to modest prices in recent weeks. Electricity and gas billsElectricity and gas bills (Facebook)

But what does this sensational oscillation depend on? Experts first point to the climate issue as responsible for the evolution of the energy market. The unusual heat waves of this autumn led to the postponement of switching on the heaters and the use of less primary gas, particularly in private homes.

Moreover, the slowdown in growth is benefiting European gas stocks. Indeed, the EU has now reached 95% of substantial stocks, which has therefore caused a slowdown in purchases, blocking the “spiral of increases” recorded in recent months, as also explained by Corriere della Sera.

No definitive exaltation though. If the war in Ukraine continues in the coming months, the economic challenge between Europe and Russia will also continue, the latter victim of sanctions and therefore ready to cut gas supplies again, so as to make the end of winter and beginning of spring 2023 still expensive. and difficult times.

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