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A fictional kingdom has in its history a long list of rulers who have tended to the most diverse moral sides

Throughout the history of the Kingdom of Westeros, no symbol of authority has ever come close to that of the Iron Throne, which represents the then independent Seven Kingdoms unified under one monarchy. The target of most characters’ greed, Game of Thrones guarantees a rise in power to the house that occupies it and the loyalty, at least in theory, of all the Lords large and small of Westeros.

However, the fact that there is only one king is often not a guarantee of stability; the Targaryen family was the unifier of the territory and for three hundred years held the post, soon several kings from different branches of the clan played in the most diverse and tragic episodes as heads of state. These are the five kings who have stabilized the kingdom the best.

5) Aegon V

Thanks to Aegon Targaryen’s success in conquering Westeros, his name became synonymous with authority for the family in the years that followed; still hoping the next Aegon would make as big a difference as the original. Although copying the exploits of the unification of the Seven Kingdoms was a very complex task for any heir, the fifth individual to bear this name left, at the very least, fond memories.

King Aegon V (standing left) and his sons

The youngest son of King Maekar, by law, Aegon never expected that he would one day become king. Freed from such expectation, or greed, he was often dismissed by his family in favor of the firstborn Daeron. It wasn’t until the Ashford Tournament that Aegon’s life changed forever. Serving as his older brother’s squire, Aegon had his silver hair shaved so that other participants weren’t suspicious of his true roots; there he met one of the candidates, a traveling knight with no fame or wealth but with a big heart called Duncan, The Tall One.

After that, Aegon spent the following years serving as Duncan’s squire as the couple roamed the Seven Kingdoms wherever they were needed. This experience made the young man aware of the customs of his people outside the walls of the royal palace and, mainly, of their needs. After the abandonment of his brothers, including Aemon who would become a master in Night’s Watch, Aegon V was crowned in addition to receiving the nickname “Improbable”. His reign was mainly focused on preventing a new Blackfyre rebellion, in addition to possible uprisings by other lords. His dream of a stable and just kingdom for the poorest met resistance not only from other houses, but also from the lack of dragons felt by the royal family. The life of the king and his sons would end in tragedy in an attempt to hatch the remaining dragon eggs.

4) Aerys II

Okay, this is complex because the latter part of Aerys II’s reign decreed the end of the Targaryens’ reign in Westeros, in large part due to the insane actions taken by the king himself. ascending in a scenario of maximum uncertainty for the monarchy, which now had few Targaryens alive after the fateful fire of the Solarestival, Aerys II presented an unprecedented proposal for maximum modernization. Most of his father’s senior advisers, Jaehaerys II, were made redundant and other younger names gained strength, such as Tywin Lannister.

Despite the tragic end, King Aerys’ reign began with sweeping reform proposals

The first half of the reign of Aerys II is therefore well marked by excited promises constantly made by the monarch himself; not only with regard to the modernization of the royal council, but also the construction of canals which would make the desert of Dorne “flourish”. While the king lived in his fantasies, it was his greatest advisor, Tywin, who ruled and brought some stability. In this way, many of the major events in the early days of the Aerys II government, such as decisions to lower fares and road creations, came from Lannister and only drove the monarch into insanity.

3) Aegon the Conqueror

In the history of Westeros presented throughout the books, no previous king has his name so consistently referenced with respect as Aegon I, the one who unified the land. By the time he grew up as a simple nobleman, Westeros was divided into five different and independent kingdoms that were constantly at war with each other. Armed with a few soldiers and loyal houses, Aegon set out with his two sisters (Visenya and Rhaenys) to conquer with the three greatest dragons in his family as their greatest weapons: Meraxes, Vhagar and the almighty Balerion.

Some of the gentlemen of the Westerosis bowed peacefully to Aegon’s advances (such as the Stark to the north and the Hightower of Vilavelha) and others decided to hinder the conquest (King Harren and Kings Lannister and Gardener), the latter having faced the fury of the dragons. and being completely, or in the case of the Lannisters almost completely, decimated by the flames of the creatures. Eventually, almost all of the kingdoms came to take an oath of allegiance to the newly created Iron Throne (made from the swords handed over by defeated armies) with the sole exception of the Kingdom of Dorne, which remained independent for much longer.

Along with his sisters women, Aegon conquered the Seven Kingdoms and united them under one throne

Aegon’s post-conquest government was marked by instability due to the change of power. Although the ancient kingdoms no longer existed as such, some of the houses that ruled these kingdoms had hopes of regaining the independence of yesteryear, in addition to a certain mistrust of the idea of live under a single crown. It was in his government that the capital, Porto Real, was established and flourished. On the flip side, it was around this time that the then New Kingdom faced a serious Dornic Uprising that resulted in the death of Queen Rhaenys and several attempted assassinations of Aegon. His reign was important not only because it was the first, but also because it consolidated many institutions that would be part of future plots.

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2) Daeron II

At the time of Daeron II’s coronation, the Seven Kingdoms were not yet fully unified; Dorne still remains an autonomous region. What many previous kings had failed to realize was that Dorne would not be attached to the force base. Using the nickname “The Good,” the new king married Princess of Dorne, Myriah Martell, and formed a court with an unprecedented number of Dornish members.

The peaceful annexation of the Desert Kingdom to the south came after several negotiations with Maron Martell and thus materializing something no Targaryen had achieved before. His government was also marked by the first two Blackfyre rebellions (this is a faction made up of Targaryen bastards who, legitimized by former King Aegon IV, attempted to take the throne from Daeron II), which has made it difficult for the kingdom to have a period of greater peace.

1) Jaehaerys I

No other king has brought Westeros such utopian stability as Jaehaerys I during his fifty years of rule. Having ascended the throne at a young age after his bloody period when his uncle Maegor I had been king, Jaehaerys first had the difficult task of rebuilding a shattered kingdom; his first act was to forgive many of those who had allied with Maegor in the persecutions and massacres, which were taking place all over Westeros because mercy was lacking at the time.

Jaehaerys and Alysanne led Westeros’ most prosperous times

Along with Queen Alysanne, the new monarch spent much of the reign flying to the most diverse places in Westeros precisely to solidify the relationship of the innermost lords with the crown; his wife paid special attention to the night patrol by giving them a new fortress called Deep Lake and in return the patrol renamed it Queen’s Gate.

It was also during this time that House Targaryen had an impressive number of births, both human and dragon. This had an ambiguous effect: at first, the large number of family members guaranteed the safety of the royal line, and their dragons were the physical promise that their laws and wishes would be observed. However, it would be under this reign that certain names would be born and this would have a leading role in the future tragedy of the Dance of the Dragons.

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