Game of Thrones Special | Discover ten curiosities about the iconic HBO production!



“Game of Thrones” has made history from the time of its television debut and remains one of the most acclaimed productions of all time.

Following in the footsteps of other predecessor epic fantasy franchises, such as ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Harry Potter’, the series has become a hallmark of HBO and won no less than 59 Emmy figures, for impeccable staging and cunning script – which on occasion (especially in Season 8) slipped and rushed to complete deep and intricate arcs.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the premiere of the first episode, CinePOP has prepared several special articles exploring the iconic world created by George RR Martin. In it, you can check out ten behind-the-scenes curiosities about the work, from behind-the-scenes secrets to the actors and actresses who were considered for the lead roles.


Hated by all

Joffrey Baratheon is, without a doubt, one of the most sadistic characters in the entire Game of Thrones pantheon. Shortly after the opening of the series, actor Jack Gleeson, who played it until season 4, received a letter from Martin himself which read: “Congratulations on your fantastic performance. Everyone hates you “.


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Peter Dinklage majestically played Tyrion Lannister and, for his spectacular surrender, has been nominated eight times in a row (one for each season) for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at the Emmy Awards. He has won the statuette four times, breaking a new record for the most wins in the category for the same role.


The average production cost per episode, until the end of the fifth season, was $ 6 million, with the most expensive chapter being “Blackwater” (02 × 09, $ 8 million). However, HBO decided to increase the budget to $ 100 million for Year 6, meaning each episode had an average cost of $ 10 million. In comparison, the series is linked to “Friends” as the most expensive of all time.


Carice van Houten convinced audiences to play the vile and dangerous priestess Melisandre in the series. However, she had previously been considered for an audition for Queen Cersei Lannister, but was unable to participate in the auditions due to scheduling conflicts: at the time, she was filming the movie ‘Intruders’.


At first, Martin intended to write an episode for each season, but did not sign any scripts from season 4, as he focused on the ending of the sixth book in the saga, “The Winds of the Wind.” ‘winter”. When the show ended in 2019, the romance wasn’t ready yet.


On the Dropped Pilot, Liam Burke made a cameo as Aerys II Targaryen, the Mad King, but scenes were cut in the revamped version. Eventually, an Aerys flashback sequence was included in the episode “Blood of My Blood” (06 × 06), but with David Rintoul as the character.


Dominic West was considered a participant in the series, but declined HBO’s offer. West was offered a secret role which he himself described as “adorable”, but despite the insistence of a nephew who was a fan of the show, he decided to pass the role into custody. children. Apparently West would play Mance Rayder (who was played by Ciarán Hinds).


Martin commented that the infamous Red Wedding was the most difficult chapter he wrote in “The Storm of Swords”. He was so emotionally attached to the characters that he wrote the rest of the novel first, then the chapter in question last. Executive producers David Benioff and DB Weiss, after reading the scene, revealed that the sequel was one of the main reasons they wanted to turn the books into a TV series.


After filming her final scenes as the iconic Daenerys Targaryen, actress Emilia Clarke has had three dragons tattooed on her wrist, honoring the creatures who have accompanied her during the series: Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal.


The series has been the target of constant criticism for the explicit portrayal of physical and sexual violence. In particular, the rape scenes sparked a number of controversies. Martin defended his artistic choices by saying he wanted to bring readers straight to the action, instead of creating a safe distance from events by summing them up. The author commented that although his creation is a fantastic epic, he based it on history itself, where “rape and sexual violence were part of every war ever fought.”

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