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Gabriel Garko is not the most handsome in the family: the sister is shockingly beautiful



Who is Laura Oliviero, sister of Gabriel Garko, real name Dario Oliviero, and what does she do in her life? In many photos posted on social networks, the two brothers, very close to each other, appear together in remembrance of their strong bond which is a real hug for the hearts of the many fans of the actor.

Among the most popular and well-known actors in the vast world of Italian show business, Gabriel Garko, often at the center of gossip, has always kept his family away from the spotlight of which he is rather jealous and would like to keep apart from the chatter for the sense of modesty and respect he feels towards his beloved family. His strength and his greatest pride!

who is Gabriel Garko's sister?

Gabriel Garko You should know – though. that the actor has a sister named Laura to whom he is very attached. The woman is only three years younger than him and works as a make-up artist and as we can clearly see by observing her from her Official Instagram Profile where she makes up models and models for photo shoots, but also comedians theatre.

He has a step sister named Laura

Still looking here, you can see the strong bond between brother and sister. Often – in fact – the two post pictures together as a sign of mutual affection. Additionally, Laura also made Gabriel an uncle. The woman is actually a mother of 3 children.

The two are very united

The number one fan of his brother, as well as his entire family, Laura – whose last name is Oliviero – often shares photos of the house artist and has also previewed the photo from the actor’s book titled Gabriel Garko, Round Trip which was released on November 21, also getting a great response from the general public. On the other hand, there are many fans of the actor who want to know more than his private life and his past, including his family.

who is Gabriel Garko's sister?Gabriel Garko with his sister Laura

About his book, during an interview granted to the weekly Chi, directed by the clever Alfonso Signorini, the actor wanted to share an episode that occurred at the age of 17, when an older man tried to deceive him: “Because with this book I opened more than I expected and this episode that I thought I had deleted, came back to visit me in an authoritarian way”, began to say the star, then went on to say, “Marco was a ‘normal’ man in the eyes of society. Yet, as you can see, even in the most canonical families anything can happen…”.

But why didn’t he tell the story years ago? Here is his explanation: “In the past, I would never have said it because it would have meant wanting to talk about me at all costs and I, believe me, I never put on the news to advertise myself” .

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