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From worst to best | 10 adaptations of foreign American films



When you think of North American film adaptations spoken in another language, names like Os Infiltrados (2006) by Martin Scorsese come to mind, an adaptation of Hong Kong’s Inner Conflicts (2002); and O Chamado (2002), from the original Ringu (1998), from Japan, but these examples are projects that showcased the original work and popularized the little-known story in other regions.

Currently, however, Hollywood writers are remaking famous works and without the slightest need to tell the story with just the distinct cultural aspect and famous Hollywood actors. See below for a list of covers from worst to best as ranked by Rotten Tomatoes (RT). Missing a movie? Leave your comment.

10. Friends Forever (The Upside, United States, 2019 – RT 33%)

Sailing the seas of the French mega-hit The Untouchables (Intouchables, 2011 – RT 75%), director Neil Burger attempts to tell the dramatic comedy by paying attention to the melodrama and poor performance of the actors, with the exception of Bryan Cranston. The original manages to woo everyone, with a perfect sense of camaraderie and French social differences. Despite the high box office rate in the United States, the launch tops the list of worst overseas covers.

Criticism | Friends Forever – The Untouchables’ remake falls short of the original

9. The Lake House (The Lake House, United States, 2006 – RT 36%)

Adopted by critics as a meaningless production and a novel that demands a bit of stoic gullibility, the drama starring Sandra Bullock (BirdBox) and Keanu Reeves (What Will It Be?) Is puzzling and many ignore its origin. However, the adaptation brought the story of the South Korean Siworae (Il Mare, 2000 – RT 89% **) – never released in Brazil – to the general public in Western format, but it did not please anyway. .

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8. Eyes of Justice (Secret in their Eyes, United States, 2015 – RT 39%)

The remake of the 2010 Oscar, The secrets of your eyes (El secreto de sus ojos, Argentina, 2009 – RT 91%), by Juan José Campanella, is another useless production. This is because the work resonated around the world and even won the highest honor from the American academy. Some changes in the remake made the story lose some of its power and caused great confusion. After all, Ricardo Darín is not that easy to replace dramatically.

7. Suddenly dad (Delivery Man, USA, 2013 – RT 40%)

Based on the French-Canadian comedy Meus 533 Filhos (Starbucks, 2011 – RT 66%), the film starring Vince Vaughn (The Interns) makes the same mistakes as the other re-adaptations, copying the plot almost entirely, but leaves something to be desired in gasoline. Vaughn’s comedic side compared to that of Quebec actor Patrick Huard is much less in keeping with the tone of the film, which is funnier and without the obvious jokes. The two films didn’t get an expressive release in Brazil, but it’s worth seeing them for their originality.

6. Oldboy (Oldboy, United States, 2013 – RT 40%)

Another extremely contested and disappointing adaptation. The South Korean work Oldboy (Oldeuboi, 2003 – RT 80%) has become world famous and has one of the most admired fight sequences in the history of cinema. The North American version sounded like a weak attempt on a strongly culturally-oriented story, with Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, and Samuel L. Jackson, in addition to directing Spike Lee (Infiltrate in the Klan).

5. Vanilla Sky (Vanilla Sky, United States, 2001 – RT 41%)

Although both productions have Penélope Cruz (Escobar: The Betrayal) in the same role (Sofia), the works are disparate. While the Spaniard Trapped in the Dark (Abre los Ojos, 1997 – RT 85%) covers an existentialist discussion, the North American leans on Tom Cruise’s shallow play, focuses more on the romantic part and concludes the plot more than necessary, not to mention. on Cameron Diaz’s weak role.

4. The Silent House (Silent House, United States, 2011 – RT 42%)

The work came from the Uruguayan production A Casa (La Casa Muda, 2010, RT 67%), the film screened Elizabeth Olsen for mainstream cinema, but her performance fell short of the original which was no longer so beloved by criticism and the public. Claustrophobic and supported by a somewhat dubious twist, the North American version came out worse than the already contested work. If you are a fan of the horror genre, this is worth the moments of trepidation.

3. One More Kiss (The Last Kiss, United States, 2006 – RT 46%)

Based on the Italian original The Last Kiss (L’ultimo bacio, 2011 – RT 73%), by Gabriele Muccino, the romantic drama tells the story of the involvement of Michael (Zach Braff) and Kim (Rachel Bilson). He’s a 30-year-old man about to have a child and marry his longtime girlfriend, when he meets a witty teenager and falls in love. The problem with the adaptation is that the main couple doesn’t have any chemistry or emotion like the original. The film was supported by the popularity of protagonists from two famous era series Scrubs (2001-2010) and OC: A Stranger in Paradise (2003-2007), respectively.

2. Quarantine (Quarantine, United States, 2008 – RT 57%)

Another movie for a playlist due to worldwide success. With a hint of suspense and all in pictures – as in Blair’s The Witch (1999), the Spaniard [REC] ([REC], 2007 – RT 88%) has terrified the public with its mysteries and its images that reveal little. The following year’s copy starring Jennifer Carpenter (The Exorcism of Emily Rose) is a sequence of mistakes and fails to capture the same vibe as the original.

1. Let me in (Let Me In, USA, 2010 – RT 88%)

One of the few movies in which the remake adds story equipment and makes it interesting and really makes its content complete. Despite the high rating, the film did not reach the original Let It Enter (Låt den rätte komma in, Sweden, 2008 – RT 98%). With a mix of horror, friendship, love, and whimsy, the original and adaptation starring Chloë Grace Moretz (Cameron Post’s Bad Example) are great movies, with the European obviously darker.

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