Friends, the October 30 previews: two immediate challenges, Todaro-Celentano sparks



Amici’s advances from the October 30 episode make it clear that really it’s all going to be in the studio. For two students the immediate challenge will be requested, and the performances will be interrupted twice. There will be a new Todaro-Celentano clash.

What could certainly strike more in the anticipations of the October 30 episode of Amici 22 is that now more couples are born in the talent of Maria De Filippi rather than Men and Women. After the kiss between Mattia Zenzola and Maddalena Svevi, two more couples were born in Amici’s house in recent days.

Amici 22, presenter Maria De Filippi (photo Mediaset).

Wax and Claudia and Gianmarco and Megan would be the lucky ones who found love in Amici. There would also be two eliminations on the schedule, one of which would come from an immediate challenge decided by the professor. The other eliminated, however, was spotted in the Rome train station and it should therefore be confirmed that he left the program.

The talented dancer was seen at Rome train station

An Amici fan is said to have immortalized Asia Bigolin at Rome’s Termini station. The attitude is unequivocal: the girl with the afro-style hairstyle has a suitcase, a bag and a backpack and is waiting for the train. The photo, however, features the dancer who learned to dance thanks to YouTube from behind: we do not know if it is really her.

The Asian release would mean audiences were likely assigned to another talent. SuperguidaTv’s progress on the October 30 episode of Amici reveals that the replay match will be chaired by Tommaso Paradiso. Wax’s performance to the notes of Adriano Celentano’s Svalutation comes first and drives the audience crazy.

Friends, anticipations for October 30 see two immediate challenges

The last ranked in the cover race is NDG, while André can’t even finish the exhibition. Rudy Zerbi interrupts her and offers the immediate challenge with Arisa’s agreement. The singer will leave Amici and Ascanio will enter his home. An old acquaintance of Amici, Garrison Rochelle, will judge the dancers’ performances. Ramon will be the first, Samuel the last.

Garrison will also participate in Gianmarco’s challenge. While playing, Raimondo Todaro will remove the music, as Rudy Zerbi did with Andre. In this case also an immediate challenge is imposed against a very good dancer, Christian, who will not win against Gianmarco. In the studio, there will also be Giordana Angi who will perform in a medley.

Here are some of Amici News’ updates on the Amici episode airing Sunday, October 30:

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