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The former professional Amici dancer is one of the most popular and beloved faces of all time on the program: a letter reveals some information about the drama he has experienced in recent years.

The personal story of one of Amici’s most beloved professional dancers has always had audiences deeply involved. At the start, he revealed several backgrounds of his immigration to Italy from Albania in the 90s, and the prejudices he faced. Recently, he also wanted to share a very personal drama.

Amici 22, third episode: an American shot by presenter Maria De Filippi (Instagram photo).

Kledi Kadiu has been married for about four years to his colleague Charlotte Lazzari. The couple had two children: the eldest is called Léa and is almost 6 years old, while the second son is called Gabriel. Barely 13 days after the birth of the last-born, the former Amici dancer received a shocking diagnosis: his son had meningoencephalitis.

Friends 22, the dancer drama that involves the family

Meningoencephalitis is an infection that affects the meninges and the brain. It can be caused, for example, by bacteria commonly present in the nose and throat, but also by the measles virus, the mumps virus or fungi. The consequences of this disease can also include brain and cognitive damage, vision loss, hearing loss, epilepsy and death.

One of Amici’s most beloved professional dancers is Kledi Kadiu, here with his wife and colleague Charlotte Lazzari (Instagram photo). Here is part of the letter that Charlotte Lazzari, wife of former Amici dancer Kledi Kadiu, wrote to herself (Instagram photo).


In the Instagram post’s caption below, you can read the message written by former Amici dancer’s wife, Kledi Kadiu:

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