Friends, the advances of November 6: declaration of love live



The progress of the episode of Amici which will be broadcast on November 6 reveals that three surprises will await the public of Canale 5. Here is what it is about and who will be the protagonists.

Amici Day on November 3 showed an unexpected feud between Alessandra Celentano and Megan. The dance teacher asked the dancers to fill out the “versatility grid” to understand what grades they gave to their own performances. Later, she showed what notes she gave him instead, to make them think.

Amici 22, the singing teachers: Arisa, Rudy Zerbi and Lorella Cuccarini (photo © Mediaset).

Between Alessandra Celentano and Megan, there was a small discussion when the dancer tried to justify the vote she had given herself as a modern and Latin American dancer. Even during the filming of Amici which will air in the November 6 episode, the dancer showed that she has no minors at all.

Amici 22, a popular game will be back on November 6

What the November 6 previews of Amici reveal is that there will be the return of the ball game. The first to speak should be Megan, who will make a special appeal to Gianmarco. In fact, she will invite him to be like her, that is to say not to let himself be influenced too much by the judgment of others.

Amici 22 years old, Megan will be the protagonist of the episode of November 6 with new very strong statements (photo © Mediaset).

There will also be another ball, which will be delivered to Elena D’Amario by Samuele. As has already happened to another professional dancer, that is Giulia Stabile, there will be a direct declaration of love: it seems that the age difference has not stopped him. Samu will also receive a balloon from Little G who will declare his esteem for him.

The surprise singing contest: who will win among the three participants

Also in the episode of Amici which will air on November 6 there will be three guests. Cristiano Malgioglio will return to visit his dear friend Maria De Filippi. In his ranking will be in first place Tommy Dali and Federica. Former teacher Beppe Vessicchio will also be back at the Amici school for a surprise singing competition. Amici 22 years old, Samuel will make a declaration of love live during the episode which will be broadcast on November 6 (photo © Mediaset).

Niveo, Tommy Dali and Aaron will compete. Beppe Vessicchio will decide Tommy the winner. For the dance competition, however, choreographer Froz will be in the studio. On the podium he will place two dancers with the vote 8.5: Maddalena and Megan. Will it be a small revenge against Alessandra Celentano after the discussions on the “grid of versatility”?

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