Friends, Lovers and the Terrible Thing, memoir by Matthew Perry



Friends, Lovers and the Terrible Thing is the title of the memoir written by Matthew Perry, an actor famous worldwide for playing Chandler in Friends. But, away from the set, he fought against his demons and risked his life.

Matthew Perry also wrote a memoir, never to forget the terrible period he lived through in the paradoxically most emblematic moment of his life. Joining the cast of Friends in 1994, he brought joy and lightheartedness to viewers through his Chandler. But, behind the script, hides for years a man full of insecurities and fragility, whose memories have been enclosed in a volume that will also be released in Italy.

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It is called Friends, Lovers and the Terrible Thing and arrives from November 8, 2022 thanks to La nave di Theseo. With a foreword written by his former Friends colleague Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry went all out, remembering the demons that accompanied him during the most famous period of his life.

Matthew Perry’s memoir: when it will be released in Italy

In recent weeks, many details of Matthew Perry’s memoir have leaked. The actor released several statements about it, anticipating the topics covered in the volume. Friends gave her everlasting popularity, a burden that became difficult considering what happened away from the set. While the world enjoyed Chandler’s stinging jokes and scathing sarcasm, Matthew Perry was fighting his own battle. And he explained it in his memoirs, putting on paper the challenge that has preoccupied him since he was a child.


He told People, “I only wanted to share when I was sure I wouldn’t go dark again. I had to wait until I was sober and safe enough to write it all down. But the biggest push was to think that by doing this I would be helping others like me.” Unqualified, the actor said he had struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for years, a detail kept under wraps for the co-stars of Friends don’t find out.

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In his book, Matthew Perry also revealed that he found himself in limbo between life and death a few years ago. He suffered from a gastrointestinal perforation, caused by excessive consumption of opioids. His colon failed and he spent two weeks in a coma. Once awake, he spent another five months in the hospital. The first time he was hospitalized, the doctors informed the family: “I had a 2% chance of living.”


When did alcohol addiction start? As People reports, right before she joined the cast of Friends, but then it got worse over the years. “There were years I was sober during that time. Season 9 was the year I was sober the whole time. And guess what season I got nominated for Best Actor? I I said to myself: that should mean something to me”.

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