Friends, goodbye to one of the most beloved faces: “Decision taken in agreement with Maria De Filippi”



A farewell is set to shock Amici audiences. One of the most beloved faces will go in agreement with Maria De Filippi: what happens.

The talent show Amici will soon undergo a major farewell, as one of the most beloved faces will be leaving. In fact, Maria De Filippi personally agreed with him: let’s find out the latest news about the talent show.

Surprise decision for the talent contest (via WebSource)

For some years, viewers have witnessed the farewell of Garrison Rochelle from Amici di Maria De Filippi, despite this, the subject continues to prevail. The former dancer and now choreographer held the role of judge and coach at the Amici for 18 years. But in 2018, suddenly, Garrison wanted to leave the transmission of Maria De Filippi, saying he was ready for new adventures.

The dancer, however, never wanted to specify the reasons for this choice. So here it is, Rochelle decided to surprise everyone by giving an interview to TvBlog where she revealed all the reasons for this choice. First, Garrison revealed that the decision was made in agreement with Maria De Filippi. In fact, the choreographer should have left two years earlier. So let’s find out all the background to the unexpected farewell to the Channel 5 show.

Friends, Garrison reveals the reasons for the farewell: “In agreement with Maria De Filippi”

Garrison on the Channel 5 talent show (via Twitter)

Garrison Rochelle therefore wanted to explain all the reasons for the farewell to Amici. Indeed, on the pages of Tv Blog we read: “Lately I had become acid and introverted, it was like when you break up at the end of a long love story, in which habit takes over. above”. Despite the farewells, the relationship between the two parties remained very beautiful. Indeed, a few months ago, Maria De Filippi also surprised the choreographer in the studio on the occasion of his birthday.

In fact, unlike the other faces who left the show, Garrison never spoke ill of the talent show after his farewell. In fact, the choreographer never found the point of speaking badly and during the interview he said: “Someone criticizes him because he has changed compared to the past, but rather you have to appreciate the courage of Maria to evolve such a successful transmission. And the numbers speak for themselves. The public likes it, that’s what counts”. Finally, on his possible return, Rochelle revealed that his heart suggested no, but faced with a call from Maria De Filippi he would be ready to change his mind.

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