Friends, Alessandra Celentano is preparing a severe sanction: “You have to listen”



Amici’s teacher, Alessandra Celentano, didn’t hide her anger at what she came to find out: so she announced that she was going to issue a sanction, and judging by the tone used she should be very hard.

The problems continue for Mattia Zenzola, admitted to Amici 22 after an injury the previous year forced him to withdraw from the show. The same student, at one point, had a psychological breakdown and burst into tears. He explained that the last year was very difficult for him and now he feels under pressure.

Amici 22, the dancer Ramon and Alessandra Celentano during the improvisation contest for the sixth episode: the teacher would prepare a penalty for a student (photo © Mediaset).

To console him in the small house was Maddalena, with whom love seems to have finally blossomed. The issues for Mattia, however, weren’t limited to struggling to give the best of performances and dance rehearsals during the week. The dancer also felt attacked by the whole group of his fellow adventurers.

Friends, the sanction of Alessandra Celentano is approaching

Mattia intervened many times to tell other students at the Amici school how best to behave in order to avoid sanctions or recalls. His benevolent attitude was misunderstood and Zenzola found himself confronted about his return to the cabin by some of his fellow adventurers.

Amici 22, after his injury, Mattia Zenzola is back more energetic than before (photo © Mediaset).

During the sixth episode of Amici 22 it seems that another problem appeared for the dancer: the one who tried to avoid problems for the other students will have to undergo a sanction. To warn her was Professor Alessandra Celentano, who was irritated by what she found herself seeing despite her demands.

Why comes the “punishment” for the dancer: what happened

On the October 23 episode of Amici, Meghan performed in a Latin American dance, as requested by Alessandra Celentano’s assigned mission. His partner in the duet was Mattia Zenzola. Although everyone liked the dancer very much, the ballet teacher really got angry. Amici 22, during the sixth episode Maddalena and Mattia exchanged a kiss (photo © Mediaset).

Celentano immediately made it known that there would be a penalty for Mattia Zenzola. The announcement initially confused everyone, who didn’t quite understand what had happened. The teacher didn’t appreciate that the dancer didn’t wear the stage pants: so a punishment will come despite the advice coming from Todaro.

Here is the summary of the sixth episode of Amici 22:

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