Friends 22, another couple sets fire to the Web: “And who expected it” – VIDEO



This year Amici took on the appearance of Men and Women for couples who continue to form day after day

While it is true that in recent years some love affairs have broken out, this year they seem to have all come together to fall in love in the house. The talent show plays Cupid to a series of singers and dancers who have fallen in love.


Between one lesson and another, place the feelings for the boys of Amici 22 who, never like this year, seem closer than ever. The two dancers Gianmarco and Meghan, Maddalena and Mattia, Rita and Niveo, the rapprochement between Claudia and Wax and a new couple was born among the benches that no one expected. In fact, this edition of Amici reveals many feelings, not only love, but also many friendships, longings, jealousies and dissatisfactions.

Despite the cameras, these guys are able to come out very easily regardless of their feelings, except for someone still hiding behind the episode’s anonymous text messages. The same is not true for Little G, the shy and introverted boy whom many considered a doomed man, but who showed great character, not only for having faced Tommy Dali and Wax, but also for declared himself intrepid.

Amici 22, Piccolo G and Federica: has a new couple been born?

In the house a new tender understanding seems to be beginning… #Amici22 pic.twitter.com/bTBpTdgntB

— Official Friends (@OfficialFriends) November 15, 2022

Indeed, during yesterday’s daytime episode, the production of Amici highlighted a “tender understanding” between singers Piccolo G and Federica. On the one hand, the singer seems to have a head start on his partner who has a strong fear of losing this beautiful relationship that the two already have, in friendship. Two very shy personalities, never exuberant, two gentle souls who have found each other and will hardly leave each other, whatever the extent of their relationship.

The world of Tweet immediately exploded, because no one expected this couple who moved a little under the table, precisely because of the shyness that distinguishes them. It is curious to understand how this will turn out and if the two will finally find a meeting point, beyond fears.

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