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Franco Gatti, his last words before dying: it’s tears



Without a shadow of a doubt, the disappearance of the “mustache” of the trio – recently returned – quartet singing Ricchi e Poveri, namely Franco Gatti, was a very painful loss for the world of Italian music. The last words of the singer in a tearful video message that became – in no time – viral…

Last video message from singer Franco Gatti broadcast live in the living room of Eleonora Daniele from Italian Stories. And these are tears and also very bitter and hearty for everyone…

Franco Gatti

The news of the sad disappearance, which occurred on October 18, 2022, of the singer, Franco Gatti, nicknamed the mustache, of the Ricchi e Poveri, which we can also remember with immense pride of reunion in the formula of the quartet singing on the occasion of Sanremo 2020, so just before the outbreak of the pandemic that caught us all off guard.

A Milestone for Rich and Poor

The man, born in 1942, astrological sign Libra, had just turned 80. It is not for nothing that his birthday was October 4, and in all his long life it can be said that his militancy in the rich and the poor was decidedly long, where he not only lived the whole period of true success but he has also been present in the band itself on all occasions and has hosted television shows which they have performed over the years and in all exquisite and infinitely “amarcord” programs.

His last video message

It was – in fact – for some time that, following the participation as guests of the singing quartet at the Festival of Italian Song, the singer, probably due to his health problems, was not seen on television, but – as they say – luck was on our side, the moment when the man was able to speak about Eleonora Daniele’s living room a few weeks before the sad date.

And he had done so through a beautiful and very intense video message which was quickly shared by the Storie Italiane host on her very popular official Instagram profile and also broadcast on television as part of her show, one most popular with Italians. And it’s a very painful dip in the heart…

last heartbreaking video message of the cantata Franco GattiFranco Gatti’s last video message to Storie Italiane

Hi Eleonora, you are always good and beautiful huh! I’m sorry I can’t be there in person but I have some issues, not serious but there are issues. I know that there is my colleague and friend Marina to whom I want to give a big hug, because we did this wonderful Sanremo together and then now we are a little on our own side… “, these were the words of Franco who then he wanted to end his message saying that, although they are no longer very young, there was still a great desire to be together. In the end, the presenter could not hold back his tears, as well as – certainly – the public at home and present in the studio.

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