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The season finale of the Formula 1 Grand Prix took place in Abu Dhabi. Show on the Yas Marina circuit where Max Verstappen won followed by Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. Nice revenge for Ferrari and its driver who deserve to be on the podium of the best in 2022.

The final race of the 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix took place in Abu Dhabi on November 20. A decisive race especially for Ferrari and Charles Leclerc. With the second place obtained on the circuit of Yas Marina, in fact, the Monegasque pilot delivers an important revenge to the house of the Prancing Horse of Maranello.

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To win the Formula 1 Grand Prix final, it is Max Verstappen, the “bis” champion of the Drivers’ World Championship (his world trophy in 2021 as in 2022). A more than promising season for the Red Bull driver who, in fact, won the title five races from the end and also offered victory in the Constructors’ World Championship to his team.

Formula 1, podium for Leclerc and Ferrari

At the Yas Marina circuit, however, what brought smiles and celebrations to the Maranello constructor was Charles Leclerc’s hard-fought second-place finish. Indeed, the Monegasque driver who started from third position fought against Sergio Pérez for the “silver medal” during the 58 laps of the Abu Dhabi race. And the determination, which the Ferrari driver has shown since the first race of this 2022 Grand Prix, rewarded him by climbing to the second step of the podium, between the two Red Bulls. Milestone that allows Ferrari to rejoice in a double success. With a second place at Yas Marina, Charles Leclerc became vice-world champion, taking second place in the 2022 Drivers’ Championship.

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At the same time, Leclerc’s second place gave the “Cavallino” the title of vice-world constructors’ champion, resisting Mercedes’ attempt to overtake. It has not been an easy and linear world championship for Ferrari, which has had to deal with various fights during various races. But the courage of the Ferraristi was noticeable throughout the Grand Prix. The power of the drivers is demonstrated by the pole position record (18 in his career) of Charles Leclerc and the podiums and top-5s also achieved by Carlos Sainz who ends the season in sixth place in the 2022 drivers’ classification. having reaped this satisfaction at the end of the season, Ferrari and its drivers are aiming higher for 2023.

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As Tutto Sport writes, at the end of the Abu Dhabi race, Charles Leclerc said: “I hope that next year we can climb the last step and fight for the title. But considering last year, it’s a big step forward. We improved towards the end of the season in terms of strategy. We have to improve our race pace because we have more difficulty on Sunday. But we are pushing and we will continue to do so in the winter phase to catch up more ground”. Therefore, the determination and the prospects for the next 2023 World Cup do not seem to be weakening.


Verstappen wins again but the feat belongs to Leclerc who keeps Perez behind and conquers 2nd place in the Drivers’ and Ferrari’s World Championship and vice-champion of the Constructors’ World! 👏🐎#AbuDhabiGP | #F1 | #Formula1 pic.twitter.com/QDSYU1acDQ

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