‘For all the boys: now and forever’ gets 70% approval on RT



“ For All the Boys: Now and Forever, ” pending the end of Netflix’s most beloved rom-com trilogy, is now available on the streaming platform.

And the streak gained 70% approval from the Rotten Tomatoes critic, receiving praise for the dynamic between the protagonists and for the smoothness of its script.

Additionally, the feature has been praised for the maturity of the plot, although it has been criticized for not capturing the same essence of the original, released in 2018.

Discover the main opinions currently available:

“The hot energy between the stars Condor and Centineo makes the sparks fly.” -Monica Castillo, RogerEbert.com

“After the bitter deviation from the PS I still love you, now and forever returns to the panache of the first film”. – Helen Shaw, New York Magazine / Vautour

“It’s a fitting ending to the saga, not only as a final chapter in the lives of its high school protagonists as they advance through college, but also as an admission that the franchise is running out of things to say. . ” – Karen Han, slate

“Director Michael Fimognari and screenwriter Katie Lovejoy wrote a love letter to all of these characters – not just Lara Jean and Peter – and audiences will be hard pressed not to fall in love too.” – Kimber Myers, Los Angeles Times

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“This film is heavier than its predecessors. Falling in love is more fun to watch than trying to stay in love, and growing up can be difficult. “- Nicole Clark, Chronicle of San Francisco

“It’s a shame, though, that what was once a bad luck girl-to-girl romance, all depicted in dreamy blue and calm feelings, has exploded into a sticky devotional fantasy. – Mary Sollosi, Entertainment Weekly

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The feature is based on the latest book in the trilogy written by Jenny Han.

In the series’ surprising and thrilling conclusion, Lara Jean’s final year of high school couldn’t be better: she is very much in love with her boyfriend, Peter; your father will soon marry the neighbor, mrs. Rothschild; and her older sister, Margot, spends the summer at home.

But as much as she’s having a lot of fun – planning her father’s wedding and making plans for class outings and prom – Lara Jean can’t ignore the big decisions she has to make, the main one involving college. where you’re going to study. The girl has seen Margot go through the same questions, and now she must decide to leave her family – and, who knows, the love of her life – behind her.

Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, Jordan Fisher, Anna Cathcart, Janel Parrish, Ross Butler and more stars.

Michael Fimognari directs.

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