Fiorello is furious and attacks Rai: mad push to the network – VIDEO



Unexpected attack by Fiorello who, with his stinging irony, does not send them to tell Rai: that’s what happened

His extravagant personality is the most impressed by his audience and the Sicilian comedian knows it perfectly. Despite any rules, the host of VivaRai2 has spoken his personal truth openly.


VivaRai2 will start on December 5 and, in the meantime, Fiorello has given way to the format on social networks and on RaiPlay by Aspettando VivaRai2 in which, every morning, a nice press review is held. Also this morning, a series of miscellaneous events passed before the eyes of the comedian and his friends at the bar, who commented with a piquant irony, a sarcasm so subtle that it does not even manage to cross the line between the joke and the reality, one of the main privileges of the protagonist of the show.

Inevitably, given the imminent departure, there has also been talk of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 which, as is well known, will not see Italy miss the qualifiers. However, Rai acquired the rights, even before the Azzurri could “fail” and Fiorello commented: “And Rai also spent 200 million to take the rights to these World Cups?”. The harsh criticism stems from an earlier reasoning the comedian made with his friends at the bar.

World Cup in Qatar 2022, Fiorello is furious: “Everyone should withdraw”

Live with Aspettando VivaRai2, Fiorello spoke about the World Championships in Qatar 2022 which, despite Italy’s absence, are causing a lot of talk: “Everyone should withdraw from this World Cup… A country where everyone locals have written on their doormats ‘Human Rights.’ And they trample on them every day”. what they said about homosexuals?

That’s not all, because the conductor also highlighted the conditions that all the teams will be obliged to respect: “All fans and professionals will be locked in a Fan Zone, in a confined space, and if they come out they will be arrested”. And we close the championship for all that?

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