‘Finding the Mother Tree’: Amy Adams to produce and star in ‘Avatar’ inspired book adaptation



According to Variety, Oscar nominees Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal are meeting to produce the adaptation of ‘Finding the Mother Tree,’ a novel signed by Suzanna Simard whose work influenced the beloved and acclaimed ‘Avatar’ ‘by James Cameron.

The duo collaborated on Tom Ford’s thriller “Night Animals“.

In addition, Adams will bring Simard to life, who becomes a science detective whose main job is to discover how trees communicate – through a huge underground network of funds. Despite his rejection by the community, Simard is today considered one of the main names in planetary environmental studies.

Stacy O’Neil and Riva Marker also enter as producers alongside Kate Clifford and Noah Stahl.

The book was originally published on May 4 and is described as “part of a dissertation, part of an ecological study.”

No other information was released.

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