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As one of the most sought-after actresses of the 1990s and 2000s, Cameron Diaz starred in a variety of blockbusters, from “Who’s Gonna Get Mary?” to “A Test of Love” to the classic animated franchise “Shrek”.

Yet, although this is a name still known to much of the public and to the millennial generation for romantic comedies that have shadowlessly fallen into popular taste, it is undeniable that one favorites of American cinema have disappeared from the big screens. and small screens – and no one knows exactly why.

Diaz last appeared in 2015 with the film remake of the musical “Annie“, in which he brought the antagonist Ms. Hannigan to life. The film, although a critical failure, made a huge splash at the box office, grossing $ 134 million worldwide. Since then, the actress has not participated in any other project and has not even explained to her fans the reason for the “disappearance“.

It was at least until March 2018, when Diaz caught up with his co-stars Christina Applegate and Selma Blair to talk about a possible sequel to “Everything to Stay With Him,” the romantic comedy released in 2001. Over the years discussions, Applegate said “I’m not doing anything” and was soon followed by Diaz, who commented “I’m actually retired so would love to see you again. [referindo-se a Applegate e a Blair]”.

Rumors of early retirement started early last year when Blair said in an interview that “Cameron would not act anymore. She says, ‘I’m tired’, ”but quickly countered the widespread dismay by saying she was just playing a joke.

Either way, there is no plausible or confirmed explanation as to why the dear actress turned away from the big and small screen. As for the sequel to the aforementioned feature film, nothing has been decided – but if productions reach a more solid level, it’s almost certain that Cameron Diaz would reappear with his longtime friends.

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