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Presidency of the Chambers, ministries with portfolios, under-secretaries to the Presidency of the Council: Giorgia Meloni’s idea is that on Wednesday October 11, on the eve of the first meeting of the Chambers, the map of the new government can be ready.

Negotiations are underway but the head of the Brothers in Italy, as well as first in pectore, would have started to get angry. The thought filtering from the party is that the allies will not find an agreement soon, it will choose the ministers.

In the meantime, Mario Draghi will participate in the European Council to finalize the energy regulation, so the day of the start of the government’s work will come after October 21.

Urso: “There will be technicians but it will be a political government”

“In government, there will be field technicians, personalities who have chosen a field for their history. But it will be a political government”. Thus, in the Corriere della Sera Adolfo Urso of the Brothers of Italy, adding that “he is the one who in our history of the Republic will have the greatest parliamentary majority, the first political government in eleven years”.

There will be no vice premiere

As for the vice-firsts, it would seem that Giorgia Meloni does not want it.

The economic black hole

The first problem to be solved concerns the Ministry of the Economy. The centre-right leader is believed to be thinking of a few high-profile technical figures, such as former Bankitalia director Fabio Panetta and that of Banca Intesa Imi division president Gaetano Miccichè. The first, however, refused, so he would have already been replaced by the name of Dario Scannapieco.

If, on the other hand, the line of the choice of a political personality prevails, it is not excluded that Matteo Salvini will be offered the name of Giancarlo Giorgetti, today in charge of Economic Development. For the League, this would be the first ministry required.

The presidency of the chambers

The name of the Ministry of Development, however, also returns for the presidency of the Chamber, and this would become fundamental if Salvini renounces the presidency of the Senate (whose name is Roberto Calderoli). So far, however, Ignazio La Russa’s name seems more certain for the state runner-up.

If the League were to hold the presidency of the Chamber, the names would be Giancarlo Giorgetti in fact, but also Riccardo Molinari. Both, writes the Corriere, show a distance from the question.

The League is also pushing Roberto Calderoli for the presidency of the Senate. The choice of the latter also depends on the choice of the Chamber, where Francesco Sisto (proposed by Berlusconi) and Maria Elisabetta Casellati (proposed by Meloni) would be in play.

The Ministry of the Interior

Another knot to be resolved concerns the Ministry of the Interior. In recent days, Salvini has said that the League ‘has no pretensions or shows its feet’. Among the names of the Carroccio for the Ministry of the Interior is the prefect of Rome Patteo Piantedosi, former chief of staff at the Viminale with Salvini.

Infrastructure at the Lega?

Meloni would have rejected the hypothesis of giving Salvini the Ministry of the Interior and also that of giving him Agriculture and the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Then the League relaunched with Infrastructure, on which the Coast Guard depends. So, if the leader of the FdI accepted, she would give control of immigration to the League.

The pink coast

Nor should we underestimate the presence of quotas for women, which could alter the balance of the situation. According to sources within the FdI, indeed, Meloni does not intend to go below the threshold of the seven women of the Draghi government. In this regard, the League has a shortlist of names: Giulia Bongiorno, Vannia Gava, Erika Stefani, Lucia Borgonzoni and Alessandra Locatelli.

Justice, Foreign Affairs and Economic Transition

Another unknown concerns the Ministry of Justice. Among the names, Giulia Bongiorno, but the first name remains that of former prosecutor Carlo Nordio. Outsiders appear less of a problem, which should go to fighter Antonio Tajani. While that of the Economic Transaction could go to Guido Crosetto.

The unknown Licia Ronzulli

Silvio Berlusconi also wants Licia Ronzulli to join the team. Meloni has already explained that she will not be able to guarantee her one of the ministries imagined by the Cav for her, namely Education, Agriculture or Health, where Guido Bertolaso ​​​​​​and Rocco Bellantone (Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Gemelli) are hypothetical.

Wolves in relations with Parliament

Meloni is ready to entrust a secondary ministry or a vice-ministry to Ronzulli. And he intends to put Maurizio Lupi in the team of Relations with Parliament.

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