Federico Fashion Style, Live Announcement and Final Decision: It Really Happened



Federico Fashion Style, live announcement and final decision: it really happened. Breakthrough for hairstylist and TV personality

Usually we hear him commenting on the facts of others, because over the years Federico Fashion Style as well as a popular hairdresser has also become a TV commentator. But for once we’re the ones taking care of our own business, because an official announcement has just arrived that changes everything.

Federico Fashion Style, live announcement (Instagram)

After a life together, in fact, his love story with his historical companion Letizia Porcu ended. The announcement came directly from itself through social networks and there is no doubt: “After 17 years together – she wrote – my path and that of Federico are divided. It will remain a relationship of friendship and good for the fulfillment and happiness of our daughter.” This is Sophie, the daughter born in 2017 after they had tried for a long time to become parents.

From the tone of the message, it therefore seems that there was no particular trigger, but perhaps the relationship to time had worn off. However, at least for the moment, he has chosen the path of silence: he has not commented on his companion’s post and has not even shared it, even if the story now seems to be definitively closed.

Federico Fashion Style, live announcement and final decision: everything stops after 17 years

An announcement that comes a few hours after the party that Federico gave in a well-known club in Milan to celebrate his birthday (which had actually taken place ten days earlier). Sophie was at the party but Letizia was absent and it started to trigger early inferences until the official message arrived.

The hairdresser’s devotion was all for her daughter: “Each of my goals is just for you. You who gave me the true joy of living, you who make me happy every day, you who are special to me. We are the victory. I love you Sophie and I will always love you, ”he wrote shortly before the official break. Federico Fashion Style, after 17 years it’s over (Instagram)

A very long love story, which began when they were still young even if they had only made it official in 2013. Four years later came Sophie, long sought after as he had told the weekly ‘Chi’. “To have it we did the insemination, I was operated on for a varicocele”. And he recognized how important it was to have Letizia by his side even though the two never chose to marry.

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