Federica Pellegrini, half naked in Latvian with him: intimate hugs and kisses



Swimming champion Federica Pellegrini slept with him between hugs and kisses. Here is the photo.

The entire sporting world was shocked when Federica Pellegrini announced her retirement from swimming. It was a rumor that had been around for some time, but its exit from the racing circuit undoubtedly marked the end of an era. The swimmer, however, has certainly not lost her popularity, in fact, she continues to be talked about for her professional and private life.

Federica Pellegrini – Solocine.it

Today Federica Pellegrini is also very active on television, but most of her life has been spent swimming. She started international competition very early and won the silver medal at the Athens Olympics when she was very young. At the time, indeed, it was in 2004 and he was only sixteen years old.

At the following Olympic Games, those of 2008 in Beijing, came the best result of his entire sporting career: at the age of twenty, he won gold, also setting a new record. She continued to participate in the following Olympic Games (London, Rio and Tokyo) but unfortunately she could not stand on the podium again.

Today, she has retired and decided to devote herself to other aspects of her life, especially her private life.

Federica Pellegrini, in bed with her love

Federica Pellegrini recently achieved two big goals. She married her trainer and partner Matteo Giunta, whom she has been linked to since 2019, and graduated. In recent years, her love life has been the talk of the gossip newspapers a lot: from 2008 to 2011, she was engaged to her teammate Luca Marin, who then left for Filippo Magnini, with whom she remained until 2017. the betrayal, at the time, also caused a scandal because the two swimmers of the men’s national team were also friends.

In recent times, the Olympic champion has also moved closer to the entertainment world. She is now a fixed face on television and works as a judge at Italia’s got talent and as an occasional host at Hyenas. He is also very popular on social networks, especially on Instagram: here he posted a very intimate photo.

Federica Pellegrini with her dogs – Solocine.it

The swimming champion is very fond of animals, especially her four dogs, Vanessa, Rocky, Cesare and Bianca, who live with her and her husband. She recently posted a very sweet photo with them, cuddling up in bed, which immediately got a lot of likes and comments from fans.

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