‘Fear the Walking Dead’: TENSE Season 7 Music Video Shows Nuclear Holocaust



Fans of “Fear The Walking Dead” can look forward to an electrifying and bombastic Season 7, which won its first video.

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with showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. According to the creative duo, the anthology format applied to the 6th cycle will be further improved, taking lovers of the series on a more engaging and intimate experience.

During an interview with EW magazine, the duo shared their excitement for the upcoming cycle, noting that the plot will focus even more on their character arcs, bringing in distinct narratives.

According to Goldberg:

“I can say we were very excited about the new form the show took in anthology format in Season 6, focusing its stories more on the characters. This will continue in Season 7. We will continue to count the series in this structure and in this model. This excites us because like in grade 6 we’re going to see a variety of different story types, different tones, different worlds within the episodes themselves and we’re really happy with what has happened so far. ‘now. We can’t wait to share it all. ”

Watch the official Season 7 teaser:

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