‘Fantastic Four’: Marvel adds film in video promoting premieres until 2023



It’s only a matter of time before the “ Fantastic Four ” makes its MCU debut.

In a special video announcing its upcoming theaters in theaters, Marvel added the film’s logo on the mutant family.

While he hasn’t released a release date, the film is on the studio’s launch plan by 2023.

Watch the video:

Watch the first scenes of Eternals and check out the titles of upcoming Marvel movies

– CinePOP (@cinepop) May 3, 2021

Until then, fans continue to plan the dream cast to bring the family of Reed Richards, Ben Grim and Susan and Johnny Storm to life.

For a long time John Krasinski (‘A Quiet Place’) has been the favorite to play Richards, but it seems a lot of fans are pushing him to see Brandon Routh (‘Superman – The Return’) as the beloved Lord Fantastic.

On social media, opinions are divided as to the rest of the group, but Routh emerges as a great desire of most fans.


“I know I want Krasinski, but Brandon Routh would be as perfect as Reed Richards.”

I know I want Krasinski, but Brandon Routh as Reed Richards would be perfect too.

– iana. (@HailMother) April 12, 2021

Enjoy watching:

Mr. Fantastic ~ Brandon Routh
Invisible Woman ~ Gillian Jacob’s
Human Torch ~ Avan Jogia
The Thing ~ Dominic Purcell

– Trashyy Ω (@ Trashyy05) April 14, 2021

“Brandon Routh should be chosen as Reed Richards.”

Brandon Routh should be cast as Reed Richards

– Vash The Stampede (@ J_18910) April 15, 2021

Brandon Routh – Reed Richards
Dianna Agron – Sue Storm
Lucas Till – Johnny Storm
Drew Powell – Ben Grimm

– Luke (@qLxke_) April 13, 2021

Reed Richards – Brandon Routh
Susan Storm – Natalie Dormer
Johnny Storm – Sam Claflin
Ben Grimm – Michael Cudlitz

– Citizens to defend Spidey | BLM (@ jahhten18k) April 15, 2021

“Dude, this is really a perfect cast. Brandon Routh is one of my favorite guys and he would be amazing as Reed Richards. Ray Palmer, played by Routh at DC Comics, is a super genius like Reed Richards, so he’s a great choice.

man this is a perfect cast. Brandon Routh is one of my favorite guys and he would be amazing as Reed Richards. Ray Palmer (The Atom), whom Routh once played in DC Comics, is a super genius, as is Reed Richards, so it’s going well.


– Golden Gate Jedi ☀️ (@_Franciscan_) April 14, 2021

Brandon Routh-Reed Richards
Emily Blunt-Sue Storm
Lucas Till-Johnny Storm
Liev Schreiber-The Thing

– johnlovestitans (@johnlovesfilms) April 14, 2021

“Brandon Routh is definitely one of my top picks as Reed Richards, but here is my dream squad for the rest of the squad.”

Brandon Routh is definitely one of my top picks for Reed Richards, but here’s my personal cast for the others:

Emily Bett as the invisible woman
Ross Lynch as the human torch
Alan Ritchson like the thing

– Jaylen Mark (@ JaylenMark3) April 14, 2021

“Brandon Routh as Reed Richard in the MCU.”


– Dokkan (@DokkanAndRaptor) April 14, 2021

Recalling that Kevin Feige, president of Marvel, plans to re-release the dysfunctional superhero family in 2023.

This will be the fourth attempt to honor the legacy of the team in question, following on from Roger Corman’s time-honored 1994 film, the failed Tim Story mini-franchise that debuted in 2005, and the audience-slaughtered version and Josh Trank’s reviews in 2015..

The latest ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot was one of the biggest public criticisms and fiascos in recent history, as the chaos behind the scenes spawned one of the film industry’s most interesting stories. (especially when it was revealed that one of the cast almost hit the road with director Josh Trank).

The “Fantastic Four” remake cost $ 120 million and only grossed $ 167 million worldwide.

Make sure to watch:

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