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What are the most popular theories regarding the first season of The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power? And what should we expect from Season 2, based on these fan thoughts?

The first season of The Lord of the Rings – The Rings of Power has now ended for a few weeks and, while waiting to find out what will happen next season, fans have tried to let their imaginations run wild, to search for clues. Considered the most expensive television series of all time, the one created by Amazon Studios is certainly an ambitious story that brought viewers back to Middle-earth years after the trilogy presented in cinemas. Despite criticism from Tolkien’s admirers, The Rings of Power has left its fiery mark on the television landscape. But what should we expect from the new episodes?

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Fans already have a few ideas, considering what’s been shown in the TV series so far and what’s been left out. What is certain is that it will be a long wait for a second season, given that filming has just begun. Let’s find out which are the most popular theories to date.

The Rings of Power: fan theories for the second season

One of the most popular theories already in the first season concerns the Stranger, the giant furball-welcome that almost all viewers believe to be Galdalf. Motivation is based on a series of clues. Besides being a powerful wizard, the Stranger seems to have a fondness for moths (like Galdalf). However, in the last episode, he revealed his name, Istar. It could be another character. For example, as Collider speculates, it could be one of the Blue Warlocks.

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Another important theory that has accompanied the entire first season concerns the disappearance of the light of the Silmarils. The king of the elves, supported by Elrond, is convinced that only the mithril in the possession of the dwarves can save the elves from extinction. But is it really so? Some fans believe that the weakening of the tree is actually due to Sauron, who supposedly weakened and brainwashed the elves to create an alliance with the dwarves only to create the rings of power he needed.

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Another thought from viewers goes to the true identity of Sauron, revealed in the first season finale. Yet there are those who are still unconvinced that Halbrand is who he claims to be. Or rather: there are those who believe that the Halbrand from the beginning of the season is different from the Halbrand who confessed to being Sauron. How is it possible? Here’s the most plausible theory: remember when, in Episode 6, Mount Doom erupted? Halbrand was at the scene and, according to fans, may have died from the eruption. So Sauron assumed his identity, pretending to be hurt just to get to Eregion and put his devious plan into action.

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