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Falcão and the Winter Soldier | The ordeal of John Walker and the legacy of Captain America




If you haven’t seen the fourth episode of Falcão and the Winter Soldier, then skip this article if you don’t want to receive spoilers.

Hated by fans since his first appearance, Private John Walker, brilliantly played by Wyatt Russell, has been heralded as the new Captain America in the US government. Action taken after convincing Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) to award Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) shield to the museum. Trying to carry on the legacy of his childhood hero, John travels the world hoping to solve problems based on violence. But he begins to see that things don’t work out so well that way, but he also doesn’t seem to understand or seek another vision to deal with the stories he has to face. He’s a complex character who manages to adapt his comic book counterpart well and still raises important questions about the military cause of the United States.

Before being announced as the new Captain America, John Walker was not sure if he would take the job.

The John Walker in the series was built as an exemplary soldier who exhibits all of the symptoms of a person suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Therefore, he is impulsive and tormented by the actions he has taken in the past. It is a complicated situation in which a person engulfed by their own insecurity is promoted to public life in a position for which they do not feel worthy or capable of occupying. This post-traumatic stress disorder is very common among American veterans. The question is so famous that it became the main theme of Rambo’s first film, which spoke a lot about the psychological torments of survivors and war heroes, and all the negligence of the US government for those who risked their lives in that name. . interests of the country.

Insecurity is a big deal for the new Captain America.

Soldiers diagnosed with PTSD usually have different sequelae. Some end up giving in to alcoholism or drug addiction, such as cocaine and methamphetamine, taking them as a way to escape reality or to relieve the mental agony that plagues them. As well as the aggressiveness and impulsiveness generated by anxiety attacks, which directly affect family and friends. It is a very sad and dangerous situation which can have terrible consequences if the affected person does not receive the proper psychological treatment. In the case of John Walker, he is not addicted to drinks or drugs, but he does create a real obsession with the Super Soldier Serum. In the soldier’s mind, his failures and mistakes are directly linked – and supposedly justified – by not having access to the serum that gave Steve superhuman strength and agility.

Impulsive manner of acting and aggressiveness proved to be serious issues in Walker’s missions.

We must therefore return to Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), where Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) explains to Steve Rogers, the day before the intervention, that the Super Soldier Serum is an anabolic which potentiates all that voluntary already has in them. If he has good things, he will be better. If you have bad things, it will get worse. In addition, of course, go through the irradiation of Vita rays, which would stabilize the serum and increase the growth potential. When John is able to inject the serum himself, it does not go through the Vita rays, which already increases the instability of the substance in his body. In addition, mental disorders, insecurity and aggression have been magnified. John Walker is not a bad person, but he is now a superhuman drowned in his own insecurity, impulsiveness and willingness to fulfill his mission at all costs, unlike Steve, who was hopeful, strategist and nurtured a willingness to help. Although they are similar, the feelings of wanting to help and wanting to complete missions are very different. And it is dangerous. Very dangerous.

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“You are a good man, Steve”

In the midst of this insecure and unstable John Walker’s plot, we have Sam Wilson, the astonished hero who already had huge traces of heroism even before wearing the wings and engine to help the original Captain America in. missions around the world. As shown in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) and reinforced by the series itself, Sam has spent years developing rehab work with veterans. This attitude was so striking that it inspired Steve Rogers to lead a rehab group for Thanos finger snap survivors in Avengers: Endgame (2019). It is something surreal that your work inspires the greatest symbol of inspiration in this universe. And as the show was keen to reaffirm, Sam continues with this mindset of conciliating and helping to try to overcome the trauma of combat.

A true hero helps others regardless of the magnitude of the problem. And Sam is ready to resolve the personal situations of ex-combatants in interplanetary threats.

Thus, Falcão and the Winter Soldier have a unique chance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to resolve the conflict between the protagonist and the antagonist in a peaceful and extremely human way. It would be nobility and enormous importance for Falcon to convince the new Captain America to accept help and resolve his issues as an adult, referring John Walker to psychological support. Would this lessen the weight of John’s criminal and wrongdoing? Certainly not. “Ah, but we want to see a beat and a whaling.” Well, that’s why we have Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) on the run, right? This classic aspect of violence against the villainous caricature could be left to Zemo, the character who has been developed so far closer to the Machiavellian imprint of comics. Having a hero capable of dismantling his rival with a speech of help and conciliation is exactly what Captain America’s shield and costume represent, and it commands a kind of respect that no punch is able to create. . It would be amazing.

There is no more honorable way for Sam to become Captain America’s replacement than to inspire people to be better.

However, the chances of that happening don’t seem so close, as much of the public is reportedly complaining about the lack of violence. The point is, the next to shoulder Captain America’s legacy will face two major imperfections: the veiled government racism that John has passed on Sam, and the videos of the current Captain America murdering him in cold blood. one of the Stateless in the public square. And that goes straight to the fantastical build of John Walker’s character and his personal struggle against an invisible foe that has been reinforced by the irresponsibility and prejudice of the US government.

Captain America’s legacy was abruptly wiped out. The next to carry the shield, if there is one, will take an even greater weight trying to reclaim the image of hope the hero once was.

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