Fake Dimples, the new viral trend of TikTok



On TikTok, we return to talking about beauty techniques and the current trend points to fake dimples, better known also as fake dimples, those soft indentations on the cheeks that accompany a smile. But how are they artificially created?

TikTok is a hotbed of trends, and once in a while, some take over and spread like wildfire. Sometimes credit goes to celebrities seeking beauty advice. The last, for example, concerns Fake Dimples, better known in Italian as fake dimples. You know that soft crease that can usually form on the cheeks? Some stars have well thought of proposing them again on the red carpet, creating them with the support of make-up.

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Those who regularly frequent social networks now know that TikTok is a constant source of inspiration. After Siren Eyes, make way for Fake Dimples. How it works? Simple: we aim to recreate those small hollows on the cheeks, restoring a perfectly natural image. Often defined as very soft, dimples tend to soften facial features and accompany a smile. Stars like Jennifer Garner and Miranda Kerr know this well.

How to recreate Fake Dimples, TikTok’s new beauty trend

Generally, dimples on the cheeks express warmth, but they can also emphasize sensuality and beauty, even more so for beauty addicts who now seem to have fallen into the new TikTok trap. With 37 million views, the new Fake Dimples trend went viral effortlessly and created new beauty inspiration. It’s certainly not the first and it won’t even be the last: think, for example, of the fake freckles slogan. Those who have it by nature most often have trouble digesting dimples on the cheeks, which usually appear when smiling.

Credits: Pexels

But, before understanding how to make them with a make-up support, it is necessary to understand why some have dimples and others do not. This is a rare genetic defect that affects the zygomatic muscle. This allows the subcutaneous tissue that comes into contact with the internal tissues to create a depression between the lips and the cheekbones.

Credits: Pexels

And who, on the contrary, wishes to recreate them artificially, what should he do? Fortunately, there is makeup. All we need is a concealer. We suggest choosing a liquid and shade darker than your skin tone. How to move now? You will need to draw two small rounded curves on each side of the mouth, where the dimples usually appear. Blend with a brush and voila: here are the perfect Fake Dimples.

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