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Facial Hair Removal: Who They’re Best For



Facial Hair Removal

Every being is different, with unique skin color and type. The same goes for sensitivity, allergies, resistance to pain, etc., which affects each person differently. The following blog explores some of the most popular, tried, and tested ways to remove facial hair with a guide to who they are best suited for.

We aim to help you understand your hair, skin type, and color and choose the most appropriate and suitable treatment. If you’re intrigued, follow our blog on Ulike to learn about multiple methods to remove facial hair and which suits your skin best.


Those looking for a quick and short-term solution for removing facial hair, then this works for you. Since it’s a short-term solution, it works only on the outer layer of hair. It’s pain-free and quick and gives you hairless skin for about 2-3 days only since, after that; ingrown hair would start appearing(depending on the growth of the hair follicle).


For those looking for a long-term aftermath of using a hair removal treatment, then this works for you. However, it’s acceptable and is used by both men and women. However, women prefer it more, especially for facial areas like the chin, eyebrows, and cheeks, for a more prolonged effect.


Not everyone is a big fan of blades and laser treatments; some like to keep their skin safe and natural. For all organic lovers, threading is a best practice as it stops ingrown hair growth for much longer and leaves skin without any side effects.

However, applying an ice cube or clean ice pack would ease the redness or swelling if your skin turns red or itchy after hair removal. Even if it’s itchy, it is temporary as this method is free from side effects.

Depilatory Creams

For those who prefer to seek an antibacterial or aseptic solution, plus expect hair-free skin for a much longer time than shaving, then this one’s for you. Although these are preferred and used widely by both men and women, it’s crucial to have a patch test or test before applying these creams to your body.

Although these creams seem harmless, if used on skin allergic to substances or ingredients, be prepared for any allergic skin reaction.

Laser / IPL Hair Removal

Suppose you’re willing to pay a lot but never want this unwanted hair to return. In that case, laser or IPl treatments are for you. Both laser or IPL hair treatment works by targeting the hair follicle and heating it using infrared light. This little process weakens the hair follicle and prevents further hair growth.

This process is safe and FDA-approved. Now you don’t have to go up and avail those expensive laser treatments after buying an IPL device; you can use it in the comfort of your home. For more information, please read our blog about how to remove face hair by Ulike IPL device on our website.

Final Thoughts

Which of the hair-removing methods is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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