Facebook scam, be careful: you risk losing all the pages



Facebook scam, be careful: you risk losing all the pages. In a few simple steps, you really can compromise everything

Several large page managers and companies have fallen into this trap. The crux of the dispute is the Facebook Business Manager, a tool that every user can use.

Facebook (Ansa Photo)

Computer scams are now commonplace. Criminals target all users by exploiting prominent brands, thereby trying to lower the defenses of the unfortunate. Through emails and text messages, they present links through which to steal sensitive data from different accounts. Unfortunately, it takes very little to see your current account empty or lose control of your social networks and your SIM card. Facebook is the latest subject of the scam litigation. We are talking specifically about Business Manager, which is a tool that any Facebook user can use.

Its role is to allow profiles to share and control access to advertising accounts, fan pages and many other resources belonging to the Facebook galaxy. Normally, business owners and managers can keep tabs on the ad accounts they’re working on and viewability pages, all in one place, without sharing login credentials.

Facebook scam, beware: hackers aim to take over your pages

Beware of scams on Facebook (AnsaFoto)

On Business Manager, you can change the ownership of each page on demand. If this is accepted, the new manager cancels the rights of any previous administrator and the move is irrevocable. This means for hackers that even very important pages can be grabbed without too much difficulty, removing the rightful owners.

In these cases, it is necessary to use countermeasures to avoid falling into the trap. Every click, even on Facebook, can be very dangerous, as well as in emails. Maximum attention to each type of message sent to us and to each type of request that ends up in our mail. In these cases, it must be emphasized that prevention is certainly better than cure. Indeed, once hackers have taken over our pages, it becomes really difficult to be able to go back, even with the collaboration of Facebook or the postal police. So keep your eyes peeled.

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