Facebook changes everything: From December 1 there is a sensational farewell



A new revolution is about to hit the social media giant, we are talking about Facebook: from December 1, there will be a sensational farewell.

The sensational revolution is ready to hit Facebook too. In fact, the Colossus of Meta is ready to do so starting December 1st. So let’s see what will change for all users.

All the details about the social network (via Screenshot)

Facebook recently decided to make changes to all of our profiles, even those that were created some time ago. The purpose of this update is to disclose less personal information. Specifically, we’re talking about four areas that include any user’s religious choices, policies, addresses, and sexual orientations. In addition, the change should start from next December 1st. Before deleting this information, Facebook will send a warning notification.

Also in the note, Facebook will communicate that it will be possible to make a copy of the Facebook data before December 1, if there is an interest in keeping track of it. Also, the giant’s move won’t have any practical impact on usability to be honest, except to reduce scrolling on the profile page. However, the choice reflects a change in attitude towards privacy.

Facebook has deleted certain information from the profile: the novelty

All the details on the social network’s latest move (via AnsaFoto)

Since the early days of the social network, Facebook has included this information, but now privacy is a major user concern and Meta is well aware of this, so it decided to make a drastic change. Matt Navarra, the first consultant of the social network, who on his Twitter profile showed a screenshot of the notice sent to some users, noticed this problem.

In addition, Facebook wanted to clarify that it is not a form of censorship but a simple stylistic choice, to simplify the platform and rejuvenate it. The fields that the social network has chosen to remove are the same that other main competitors have never offered and among these in the foreground are Instagram and TikTok, whose biographies are rather simple and free of specific details and personal, thus excluding religion and political ideas.

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