‘Extermination 3’ script is COMPLETE and Danny Boyle wants to return to directing



In an interview with NME, director Danny Boyle revealed that he finally feels ready to helm the long-awaited sequel “Extermination 3,” which was scripted years ago by Alex Garland.

“I wanted to drive. [‘Extermínio 3’]. I think it’s a good time for that. The story will take place in England.

He adds: “This project may pick up the slack because nowadays people need a good reason to go to the theater – which is happening less and less. It’s getting harder and harder for distributors and movie companies to show movies unless it’s something like “Top Gun: Maverick” or a Marvel movie, but a new “Extermination” movie would pique interest. people if it was done well.”

It’s worth remembering that, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with CinePOP, actor Cillian Murphy revealed that he will be returning for the third film. The ‘Peaky Blinders’ actor starred in the franchise’s first film in 2002, but didn’t return for the 2007 sequel.

Asked by journalist Renato Marafon about his return, Murphy replied:

“I never say never. I loved making this movie. It was a long time ago, like 20 years ago. But of course I would love to,” he said.

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Danny Boyle has plans for a third film in the “Extermination” franchise alongside Alex Garland, screenwriter of the original film.

“Alex Garland and I have a wonderful idea for part three. It’s really good,” Boyle told The Independent. “The original film genre resurrected the zombie drama genre. [Alex] is focused on doing his own work right now, so [a sequência] It was really pending.

One of the most acclaimed horror franchises, “Extermination” grossed nearly $150 million from its first two movies, released in 2003 and 2007.

The original starred Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson, and Christopher Eccleston, while the sequel starred Jeremy Renner and Rose Byrne.

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