Expert and crazy offers – these products are half price



Expert and crazy offers – these products are half price. You can find truly unique opportunities in this period

By connecting to the reference site you will find all the products on the flyer. 50% discounts on a wide range of items, available below cost and with convenient home deliveries.

Expert offers (Facebook)

In this period, it is possible to find a very long series of offers by browsing online catalogs. Specifically, if we refer to the well-known group of experts, we have a flyer full of opportunities. There are products with high commercial value that can be found at 50% off the price, with truly shocking prices. You can find all kinds of goods, belonging to both technology and other areas. One of the great advantages of the Expert leaflet is the possibility of purchasing the same products through e-commerce on the portal, without cost variations. The price of home delivery will simply be added.

Until November 13, Expert offers the so-called Black Surprises, a wide range of special offers with discounts that significantly reduce the final outlay. Customers can browse the catalog full of interesting ideas especially in the field of smartphones, with the possibility of making good figures during the purchase phase.

Expert and crazy offers: there are smartphones with 50% off

Galaxy Samsung (Ansa Foto)

Speaking of practicality and product quality, let’s start by talking about the fascinating Galaxy A53, available for 399 euros. Then there are other models belonging to a fairly similar price range. Impossible not to mention, for example, Oppo reno 6 pro at only 429 euros, Oppo reno 8 Lite at 349 euros, Galaxy A33 at 289 euros, Galaxy A13 at 179 euros, Redmi 10 2022 at 169 euros, Galaxy A04s at 149 euros, Redmi 10C at 139 euros.

For those who want to aim for the top of the range we suggest not to lose sight of the Galaxy S22, one of Samsung’s flagship smartphones in recent months. Its list price is around 800 euros, but it can be found on sale for only 699 euros. Other models are also available, for all types of pockets and needs. For those who wish to deepen the subject, all that remains is to go directly to the official Expert website to consult it in full. (CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE BEST OFFERS FROM THE EXPERT GROUP)

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