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A beautiful smile is essential for every person. However, even in the absence of severe problems with the teeth, most of us have bumps, cracks, and other nuances that take us away from the desired result. Fortunately, veneers dental can quickly and painlessly eliminate little imperfections.

What are veneers?

Veneers used in dentistry are thin glass-ceramic plates with a thickness of about 0.3-0.5 mm. They are attached to the outside surface of the teeth and change their shape and color. Installing veneers allows you to effectively restore the dentition and get the perfect smile.

As a rule, microprostheses are put on 10 upper and 8 lower teeth. The fact is that they transmit light well and look the most natural. Indications for the installation of teeth veneers include:

  • disproportionate teeth size;
  • the presence of diastema;
  • enamel wear after prolonged alignment of the dentition with braces;
  • chips, cracks, and visible fillings in the smile area;
  • yellowness, spots on enamel;
  • tooth discoloration due to chronic diseases or age-related changes;
  • malocclusion.

The key purpose of microprostheses is to eliminate the patient’s cosmetic problems and discomfort that occurs when communicating with other people. However, it is considerable to remember that this dental procedure has contraindications. So, the installation of constructions is categorically not recommended under the following conditions:

  • severe malocclusion;
  • large fillings;
  • the absence of chewing teeth;
  • bruxism;
  • the habit of gnawing solid food (nuts, crackers, etc.).

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Stages of veneer installation

One of the main advantages of veneers Miami is a quick and painless installation, which does not require any preliminary preparation from the patient. All that is required is healthy teeth. In the presence of caries or periodontal disease, it needs to eliminate inflammatory processes in advance. It is also necessary to remove the tartar and remove the top layer of enamel.

Microprostheses are installed in several stages:

  • Preparation. The patient, with the help of a doctor, chooses a color using a special scale.
  • Enamel grinding. It is carried out to a depth of 1.5 mm. Manipulation is painless.
  • Scanning. Innovative technologies allow you to do without taking an impression and immediately send the data to dental technicians.
  • Production of microprostheses.
  • Installation with composite adhesive, polishing, and sanding.

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Veneers are a popular and affordable way to achieve the perfect smile. Check it out for yourself!

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