Everything You Need To Know About ‘Unstable’ Season 2



Get ready for Unstable Season 2 as it promises to take us on a thrilling journey packed with suspense, drama, and unexpected twists to the plot. We will dive into everything you need to know about ‘Unstable’ season 2, from the gripping storyline to the talented cast that brings it to life in this highly anticipated season.

The focus of ‘Unstable’ second season is the relationship between Jackson, the socially awkward son, and Ellis, the eccentric and egotistical man who lives next door. Jackson begins working at Ellis’ state-of-the-art bioresearch center after his mother passes away to get through a trying period.

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Unstable Season 2 Release Date Speculation

Unstable season 2 is officially happening? The release date of Unstable season 2 is not yet confirmed but it’s likely set to premiere around the mid of this year. The production is said to be wrapped up by the end of January 2024.

So mark your calendars and stay tuned till this captivating season arrives. The co-creator of the show said, “It’s a dream come true for us to jump back into the world of Unstable. Here’s to Season 2 and the many hours of family therapy that we will need along the way.”

Unstable Season 2 Cast & Characters

In this season, we are expected to see the return of our favorite and interesting cast from the initial season. The cast includes :

  • Rob Lowe as Ellis Dragon
  • John Owen Lowe as Jackson Dragon
  • Sian Clifford as Anna
  • Aaron Branch as Malcolm
  • Rachel Marsh as Luna
  • Emma Ferreira as Ruby

Additionally, we can look forward to the introduction of some new characters portrayed by Lamorne Morris from Fargo and Iris Apatow from The Bubble. Lamorne Morris will portray Peter, the charismatic founder of a biotech start-up who intensifies the rivalry between Ellis and Jackson. Meanwhile, Iris Apatow will bring Georgia to life, Anna’s irreverent ex-stepdaughter turned unwilling Dragon intern. 

What To Expect From Unstable Season 2?

Unstable Season 2 will be likely filled with intriguing twists and turns. Ellis might face some tough moral dilemmas that challenge his beliefs and force him to make difficult decisions. Sarah, on the other hand, could undergo a personal transformation as she discovers hidden strengths within herself.

We can probably expect long-awaited answers to our questions. Well, we can definitely know more about each cast and the purpose behind the experiments. We can also expect some good bond creating between Jackson and Ellis. This season is going to be as exciting as it sounds and will be filled with lots of surprises and revelations!


Unstable Season 2 is going to be nothing short of spectacular. It promises to be an emotional rollercoaster with surprising story turns, well-known characters making a comeback, and brand-new characters added to the mix.

The perfect blend of nostalgia and fresh energy will keep us hooked from start to finish. What do you guys think about the new season of Unstable? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment box below.

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